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Comics Review – Geek-Girl #0

Comic Booked Guest Writer 10/17/2012 Reviews

“When ‘Little Miss Popular’ Ruby Kaye lands a pair of super-tech glasses (invented by brainiac college geek Trevor Goldstein) in a game of Strip Poker, she’s granted flight, super-strength, and – due to a flaw in the glasses’ programming – super-klutziness!” 

Geek-Girl #0 is the first comic in the series from British creator Sam Johnson. It is in essence an indie take on a modern supergirl style tale. This issue is an origin story and explains how Geek-Girl, AKA Ruby Kaye obtains her abilities and becomes a super hero crime fighter. Who would have thought it all started from a “special” pair of glasses? Although this may sound a little odd at first, it actually works really well and adds to the quirkiness of the comic. It’s a refreshing change to have a fairly simple and organic concept that does not try to be overly contrived or clever. The story is left to flow and the character interactions feel natural and Johnson has portrayed the bitchyness off the high school girls perfectly. The one thing that did strike me as a little odd was that some of the profanity words have been censored out. It’s an odd thing to do given that some of the themes in the book are fairly adult in nature. It would have made more sense to me to either leave the swearing in or simply remove it. This is a minor quibble however and does not detract from the story or make it any less enjoyable to read.

The artwork by Sally S. Thompson has been keep simple and functional with inked pages. The line art is clean with little background detail to interfere with the foreground elements. The characters are well drawn and individual. The deceivingly simple style works really well with the content and although color is not necessary, it would have been nice to see some shading to add a little more depth to some scenes. Who knows, maybe when this book does well, the trade paperback may get an overhaul.

Overall, this book is everything I love about indie comics. It’s simple, well drawn, well written and has a fun and interesting story. I am really looking forward to the next issue.

Geek-Girl #0, written by Sam Johnson, illustrated by Sally Stone-Thompson and published by Actuality Press is available now, priced $2.50 at
+Adam Cheal

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