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Fiction Friday: “20 Years” by Jeff Hill

Posted on Feb 21, 2014 by in Features | 0 comments

“20 Years”

Flash Fiction by Jeff Hill


2,420 arrests. 2,314 times I pulled my gun. 19 times I shot at someone. 14 people I killed. 13 who deserved it. 1 who didn’t. 7,300 nights of drinking to excess. 3,650 days of wishing for something else. 7,000 days of service. 300 nights of purposelessness. 32,915 lives saved. 13 lives snuffed out. 1 without reason.

1 day until retirement. 25 years of service. 39 lifelong friends. 436 respected men and women dressed in blue. 17 watching from above. 1 watching from below. 26 surrogate kids. 93 reformed junkies. 2 family members who refuse to give up hope. 93,941 standing city folk. 1 man. 1 speech. 1 regret.

20 years, and all I care about is the 1 that got away. 20 years, and all I care about is you.


Originally published in Apocrypha and Abstractions in 2012.

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