I don’t have any official announcements from Zenescope yet, but I do have some pictures from what looks to be a new upcoming series! They haven’t been labeled with anything, but they’re absolutely Zenescope, I’d recognize that style anywhere. Do they look familiar to you? I might have a couple guesses as to what they could be for, but I’m sure these exact images have not appeared in any book or on any cover before. Could they be leaks, or unused promos from something else? I have to protect my source on this one for now, but if anyone wants to play a guessing game I’ll be releasing an extra image or two over the course of the weekend via my new Pinterest board and on our Facebook!

Two sexy pictures for now, but stay tuned for more updates!



looking forward to something new from zenescope

potential new Zenescope release














A bit about Zenescope, maybe there will be some clues:

Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco started out writing screenplays together about fifteen years ago but the two eventually came up with the idea that evolved into Zenescope Entertainment. The company was founded in 2005 and has become one of the most recognized independent comic book and graphic novel publishers in the world. Known for their unique re-imaginings of classic tales, Ralph and Joe are unapologetic about their work. Their edgy and non-traditional brand of story-telling sets them apart from the pack.

2012 saw the release of Grimm Fairy Tales #75, which was the inaugural title published by Zenescope Entertainment. It is one of the longest running independent comic book series on the market today. But the company has not rested on its laurels, having launched a wide range of other successful titles, including: Wonderland (Tales From, Return, Beyond, Escape, House of LiddleMyths and LegendsNeverland, Inferno, Salem’s Daughter, Sinbad, The Piper and a number of other titles. Joe and Ralph also added the very talented Raven Gregory to the writing team. His creative mind has been used most notably on the Wonderland and Grimm Fairy Tales series while also adding some excellent creative works of his own to the Zenescope catalog.  Those stories include The Waking, Fly and The Theater.

So what do you think Zenescope has up their sleeve?