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Zenescope Through the Looking Glass: Wonderland + Sleepy Hollow

Comic Booked 01/30/2013 Reviews

Wonderland #7 and Sleepy Hollow #4 are the focus of this week’s Through the Looking Glass! Zenescope Entertainment uses words like “edgy” and “non-traditional” to describe themselves, and I’m happy to say it’s a reputation they live up to! Through the Looking Glass is a column dedicated to celebrating this publisher and their weekly releases.

Wonderland #7 – Issue seven of Wonderland is the kind of issue I read the series for. I love spending time with Calie and Violet, and as much of it as possible. I appreciate the expansiveness of the Zenescope universe, but their story makes it feel so much smaller and manageable, it’s cozy. Don’t let me lull you into a false sense of security though, it is anything but safe. Everyone tries to play normal for a bit, but crazy is always bubbling just under the surface. Violet and her new friend Harmony go from simply silly in the beginning to genuinely naughty by the end. Do.Not.Miss.It. You also have to pick this up if you ever wondered who Raven Gregory would like to see cast in an Irresistible movie. The answer is in this issue, as well as who he thinks would win in a fight between Joss Whedon and Ron Howard.

We did also check in on one of the other families of Wonderland, the Red Queen and the Suicide King. I’ve been warming up to that story, mostly for the visual art of their regal armor and its contrast with the bleak winter setting. The last page is awesome, and oh yeah, a certain little someone showed up.

zenescope white rabbitSleepy Hollow #4 – After three issues of what was probably more story than we needed, Sleepy Hollow goes out with a bang in issue four. The finale is pretty much all action. There’s a page or two to tie together the last few threads of the narrative, but this book is really all about the gore. The Headless Horseman character goes on his rampage, cutting a swath through Tarrytown. The rough line style isn’t too flattering on the women, but for the violence it’s perfect. I probably read this book in all of five minutes, if that, but I’ve flipped back through it more than any other book this week, it’s just that cool looking! The pull-out poster emphasizes what this issue is all about, so definitely get this one in print. Let me close by saying I love how he speaks through the severed heads he collects, like in this little preview of the carnage:


zenescope sleepy hollow

Coming up next week –


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If you want to cheat and look ahead, check out what Zenescope has in store for the month of March!

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  1. Christian_J 01/30/2013 at 9:57 pm

    That rabbit is eerily staring into my soul but geez that Headless Horsemen pic looks so awesome! I think I might pick this one up.

    • Scorp_Moonopoly 01/31/2013 at 3:32 am

      Honestly I think he looks like kind of a jackass, but I'm also afraid to look too long. . .

  2. jeffhillwriter 01/30/2013 at 10:51 pm

    Sleepy Hollow looks pretty good. I'll have to check that one out for sure.

    • Scorp_Moonopoly 01/31/2013 at 3:36 am

      Remind me to loan you a copy.

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