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Zenescope Through The Looking Glass: Three New Releases!

Comic Booked 02/06/2013 Reviews

I love a packed week, and for this edition of Through The Looking Glass we have three brand new Zenescope releases, along with a trade paperback collection! Zenescope Entertainment uses words like “edgy” and “non-traditional” to describe themselves, and I’m happy to say it’s a reputation they live up to! Through The Looking Glass is a column dedicated to celebrating this publisher and their weekly releases.

Grimm Myths and Legends #25 – Talk about going out with a bang! This oversized issue comes with a corresponding extra large price tag, but it’s worth every fiery-god damn penny! There are so many high fantasy elements crammed into this book, and the art team depicts them with an incredibly satisfying consistency. I’m not going to lie, it’s kind of maddening to be this excited about the book now that it’s over, but it will leave a legacy with the results of this issue. Samantha herself admits that you can’t just throw magic around all over the place without consequences, and the powerful beings impinging on our world have become highly visible to our governments and the world at large. I’m keeping this edition relatively spoiler light, but not everybody made it out alive, and someone very important has found their way back, but at what cost?zenescope swimsuit

Grimm Fairy Tales #82 – Zenescope celebrated the end of its prison storyline with an impromptu swimsuit issue, but it wasn’t all fun and games for the super powered types. In a surprisingly somber installment, free spirited Melena pays the price for following her passions in a world that isn’t as safe for the Highborn as it might have been before.

Robyn Hood #5 – When faced with imminent execution, Robyn’s escape plan is . . . . to escape? I guess sometimes that’s all you need! It seems a little simple, but that doesn’t make this mini-series finale any less gratifying. There’s also something to be said for simply being awesome, and Robyn Hood has that in spades! This reminded me a bit of Sleepy Hollow, in that the last issue features the protagonist going on a rampage. Basically, that is what happens here, Robyn goes on a rampage. The narration is great, because if it weren’t for her thought process I’d probably have been screaming at the comic. The character jumps into the unknown in more than one way, and there’s a lot of grey area in stories like this. I showed up for sexy costumes and cathartic depictions of arrow violence, but it’s a lot easier to enjoy these things when you know the writer isn’t glossing over all of the details for the sake of them.


see you next time Robyn!

Bad Girls has also been collected in trade paperback form, and each week brings us one step closer to the Zenescope Unleashed event!

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  1. jeffhillwriter 02/06/2013 at 11:52 pm

    Impromptu swimsuit issue with a somber story? Sounds interesting. Reminds me of the last issue of the first Gen 13 series back in the day.

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