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Zenescope Through The Looking Glass – Sela Twice UNLEASHED!

Comic Booked 01/19/2013 ZDONOTUSE

Zenescope has given its fans a variety of fun things to celebrate this week! We have two new releases, as well as a sneak preview of the next Sleepy Hollow, and of course UNLEASHED – a comic book event done Zenescope style! Zenescope Entertainment uses words like “edgy” and “non-traditional” to describe themselves, and I’m happy to say it’s a reputation they live up to! Through The Looking Glass is a column dedicated to celebrating this publisher and their weekly releases.


Grimm Fairy Tales #81 – Sela’s first unleashing of this edition comes in the pages of the ongoing Grimm Fairy Tales series. The prison storyline has built up to a massive rumble between Sela, the Spider-Lady she had previously stabbed in the showers, and the super powered warden vs. Princess, who was actually a wounded super being in hiding, and plenty of window dressing husk creatures. Princess looks slick and sexified in this issue, bursting with energy and sporting renewed long purple hair. Sela’s curves make for a great display as well, and she has to unleash the power of all four realms to wear Princess out. Lately we’ve seen her unable to harm anyone without also healing them, so I fully expect to see more of this awesome character. By the end of the issue the prison is rubble and nearly everyone is dead. It’s a fitting end to a storyline that has been surprise reveal after surprise reveal. It was a madness that had spun out of control and could only culminate in something like this complete carnage. Sela is so used to this sort of thing by now that she almost seems oblivious. Everything around her is in ruins, but she’s thinking warm happy thoughts about her daughter who she has left to be brainwashed by a witch. She’ll rescue her though, someday, when she’s ready. It’s almost hard to imagine any of this as a win for her, but I love the crazy contrast of final images.

Fly: The Fall #4 – I don’t know if there’s an award out there for “Best Ripped Clothing Look” so I’m just going to go ahead and make up my own, and award it to Danielle from Fly: The Fall. This issue has a striking cover, continuing the great Fly tradition of tattered fashion. Issue four also features dueling badasses murdering whole crowds of people. As the dominoes continue to fall we get one step closer to seeing who knocked over the first.

FLYF ALL 04 cover

Now in past editions of this column I’ve been a little hard on Sleepy Hollow. I’ve criticized it for being too much of a slow burn, and put it kind of low on my Zenescope totem pole. I’m not allowed to review the last issue of the series yet, but it looks like it is going to make it all worthwhile. Here’s a small sneak preview of Sleepy Hollow #4, in which things get especially gruesome!

Sleepy Hollow #4 preview from Zenescope Sleepy Hollow #4 preview from Zenescope














Sleepy Hollow #4 is scheduled to be released by Zenescope on January 30, 2013.

Last but not least, this week Zenescope announced UNLEASHED! It’s their take this year on the big comic book event, so of course they’re doing it Zenescope style! UNLEASHED is the umbrella term for the event and the main seven issue series, but the mini-series is still their bread and butter, which means you can easily pick and choose different parts of the event to follow or abandon without getting lost. The event is set up by a mysterious figure called “The Being” who releases four varieties of classic monster into the Grimm universe. You have your Vampires (The Eternal), your Demons (The Unseen), Werewolves (The Hunger), and of course Zombies (The Cursed). Sela will be forced to work alongside Zenescope versions of monster hunters to take them down, including a reinvented female Van Helsing, and Elijah, a freed slave from the 19th century. These brave individuals will also have their own miniseries called The Hunters: Shadowlands. So if you want to pick a favorite horror icon to follow Zenescope has made it easy, and Through The Looking Glass will be all over this event to help you chart whatever path through it you want to take. UNLEASHED (do I have to keep typing it in all caps?) will run from April 2013 through September 2013, so just think of it like Halloween starts early this year! If anyone looks at you funny, tell them you’re celebrating it with Scorpio and Zenescope.

Unleashed preview




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  1. Sokos6 01/22/2013 at 11:59 pm

    Fly The Fall is sooo good. Such beautiful books…

  2. jeffhillwriter 01/24/2013 at 2:33 am

    Being able to pick and choose through miniseries options is an almost forgotten art in most of the comic companies nowadays. Maybe this will catch on with the "big two" companies and get some more readers into (or back into) reading about superheroes.

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