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Zenescope Through The Looking Glass – Bad Girls and More!

Comic Booked 11/20/2012 Reviews

Zenescope Entertainment uses words like “edgy” and “non-traditional” to describe themselves, and I’m happy to say it’s a reputation they live up to! Through The Looking Glass is a column dedicated to celebrating this publisher’s weekly releases. The following is a selection of titles from the week of November 14, 2012, and what a week it was!

Zenescope comic book cover Grimm Myths and Legends #23 – Have you ever seen an evil mermaid fight a minotaur? Have you ever wanted to? This issue of Grimm Myths and Legends is the place where that dream comes true! The Sea Witch fighting the wolves on the cover really is a true preview of the book’s contents, both as far as the actual events and exactly just what kind of comic this is. When Sela shows up with her friends it really turns into a royal rumble, which makes the issue feel like it ends just as things were heating up, but that’s what next month is for, I guess!

Zenescope comic coverWonderland #5 – If hearts and cleavage are two of your favorite things, and you’re not looking in this book, well then you’re searching in the wrong place! If you look just right the two breasts pressed together on the cover form a heart too. It’s scandalous yet still a preview of the story. Inside the book, two souls battle to possess the same body, as an evil queen seeks to control them both. The spade army provides for some dark, demonic imagery, and the transformation effects are a highlight of this issue.

Zenescope Bad GirlsGrimm Fairy Tales presents Bad Girls #4 – Four-armed scorpion monsters? You had me at hello with that one! The Queen of Spades is so gleefully evil in this, you’ve got to love it. Samantha puts up a good fight though. The library research scene is a little cliché, as is Sela’s constant blaming of herself for everything, but it’s a well paced book full of fighting, energy powers, and a great combination of the girls of Zenescope. Keep your eyes open for the secret retailer’s exclusive cover, it’s especially saucy!

MANKIND: The Story of All of Us Volume 1 – Storytelling is one of humanity’s most defining traits, so it’s only fitting that we use stories in this introspective look at the history of our species. MANKIND was published by Zenescope’s all ages imprint, Silver Dragon Books, in association with History, who also produced the accompanying education television series. Our ingenuity is something we can take for granted, and this is a nice reminder of just how magnificent some of our accomplishments are.

Zenescope Mankind cover


MANKIND may not have a sexy variant cover, but make sure to check out the Zenescope Black Friday sale for plenty more of that!




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