Time to go and make a purchase at www.Zenescope.com

Zenescope and The CS Moore Studio have teamed up again to bring you a brand new Alice statue for 2011!  This amazing, hand painted, limited edition statue by Clayburn Moore retails at $199. These will sell out FAST so be sure to get yours while they last. As an added bonus, they’re going to give away a signed copy of Beyond Wonderland #1 to the first 20 people that purchase the statue (covers TBD). It’s just their way of saying thanks!

I have it on my wish list and WANT it SO bad.  It will sit aside nicely with my Calie Statue.  You may have to hit up ebay for that one and see if you can get your hands on one.  I got mine for my birthday last year!  Check it out :

AWESOME huh!  Go get your Alice statue now and search for Calie =)

As always, keep your eyes where they should be – in a Comic Book! ~Smiles, Brieanna