Hi my name is Brieanna Brock and I’ll be your new Zenescope Writer for Comic Booked!  Now you’ll have a “go to” for Zenescope Entertainment’s news including but not limited to artists, writers, cosplay, cosplayers, comics, exclusive prints, event/con updates including Zenescope artists, writers, fans, etc.  You can find me on facebook and twitter as Brieanna Brock or XenaSimon Brieanna Brock.  And you’ll find me posting here often as we bring you Zene updates.

As your new “Zenescope” Writer for Comic Booked and Zenescope’s Miss December 2010, I promise to bring you whatever news I can.  Here is a Happy Holidays wish from me in a picture as Sela from Grimm Fairy Tales:


You asked for it!  And we answered with a BIG yes!  Everything we can bring to you on all the great things Zenescope does.  Stay tuned… =)

Your new friend,

Brieanna Brock