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If You’re Into Comics, You Might Be On Cloud 9

David Hinspeter 02/27/2014 News

Cloud 9 Comix publishers have relauched their digital comics platform. Accompanied by an iOS app that works on both iPhones and iPads. All of the digital comics now come in HD and the app supports right to left languages, a video channel, and a new panel-by-panel reading experience!

With an obvious focus on international readers, Cloud 9  has launched a series from Nigeria called Versus, Chilean series Zeta, Atomica, Anima, and Era Draconiana, and the entire Egyptin catalog of AK comics. Their strong returning titles include Winter City, Dynagirl, Infinity, Intrepid, Sky Pirates of Valendo, and Drago Bently, which continue alongside The Mighty Titan, Cosmos, Jinn Warriors, The Realmscape Wars, and other new properties.

“We are very excited about the relaunch of Cloud 9 and our new focus on a smaller number of stronger titles, allowing us to invest more time and resources into individual titles and building an international readership. We also look forward to bringing our readers some of the best creator-owned comics out thereand 2014 certainly looks to be an exciting one,” stated Ben Slabak, who launched Cloud 9 Comix in late 2010, which is the digital publishing division of Spectrum Pacific Publishing, which he founded in 1996.

EraDraconiana-Antu-Adelanto on cloud 9

Comics are not the only focus at Cloud 9. The boutique has signed Ratti Entertainment’s Black Salt, which has reached it’s crowdfunding goal to shoot a short film. Also, due for release in 2014 is a Cloud 9’s original action-adventure series by the name of Trail.

Having, successfully launched with their iOS app, Cloud 9 has focused on bringing their digital platform to the Android and Kindle apps. Also, with the ambition of expanding, they have began work on a web based reader that will make their comics available through any browser.

Have  more questions about Cloud 9 Comix?  Visit their site or look for their app in the iPhone or iPad AppStore.

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