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Your First Look At Wolverine and The X-Men #2

Michael Wirth 10/29/2011 Reviews

Did you get your copy of Wolverine & The X-Men on Wednesday? Did you enjoy it? Well, if you didn’t, you’re one of the few. Fan reaction has been outstandingly positive for Wolverine’s new team of X-Men. Marvel was kind enough to show us a little preview into the future of the east coast X-Men, and now they’re giving us a deeper look into what’s happening in issue #2!

Art by Chris Bachalo, written by Jason AaronIt’s official, Wolverine & The X-Men is a hit and to celebrate the book’s critical acclaim, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Wolverine & The X-Men #2! Following the catastrophic disruption to the Jean Grey School of Higher Learning, superstar creative team Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo are putting Wolverine and his new school to the test! With the all-new Hellfire Club causing all sorts of headaches for the new students, Logan must rally the troops and face the return of a classic X-Villain!

Did Wolverine make the right decision by moving to Westchester? Can he keep his school together before it’s too late? Find out this December, in Wolverine & The X-Men #2!

Want to learn more about the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning? Visit

What classes are you most interested in? Join the conversation on Twitter with #XMenRegenesis!

GetGlue users – check in to Wolverine & The X-Men #1 and get your exclusive sticker, today!

Art by Chris Bachalo, written by Jason AaronAs you can see, Marvel is promoting the title heavily on social media, with a dedicated Twitter hashtag and even a collectible sticker on GetGlue. Going even further than that, they’ve created a website for the fictional Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, which includes information about the school, its teachers, and even enrollment.

With all of the advertising Marvel is throwing into Wolverine & The X-Men, it’s clear that they believe they have a hit. And judging by the response to the first issue, I’d say their correct.



Written by JASON AARON

Pencils & Cover by CHRIS BACHALO

FOC – 10/31/11, ON SALE – 11/23/11

Art by Chris Bachalo, written by Jason Aaron

Art by Chris Bachalo, written by Jason Aaron

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