Fans! Your begging, pleading, a little bit of bribing and general clamoring has been answered as Mattel announces a pre-order for the Young Justice two-pack featuring a 6” Miss Martian and Superboy.  Finally, a chance to round out the rest of the actual team!

This is a pre-order only sale; orders will be taken for two weeks and figures will only be produced once the target number of orders is received.  These awesome figures won’t be sold anywhere else – pre-ordering is the only way to snag this set.

Pre-orders open at 9am PST (12 noon EST) on August 1st and end at 11:59PST on August 14th.  Get your preorder in here and check back once the pre-sale has started to see if the minimum number has been hit.

(If the minimum number of orders isn’t achieved, the product won’t be made and all pre-orders will be refunded – so get your pre-orders in, tell your friends and enjoy the chance to round out your Young Justice collection.)


Young Justice

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