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‘Yo Joe!’ or ‘No Joe!’?

Jordamus Prime 05/29/2012 Reviews

Though most of you that would read this are already aware (thanks in no small part to us telling you) that Paramount Pictures decided at the last minute to push this summers blockbuster sequel G.I. Joe Retaliation nine months back into next spring for a March 2013 release.

The film was originally set to premiere in just a few weeks on June 29th, but was delayed so that the studio could convert the film to 3D (and in this reporters humble opinion to try and shield it from being decimated by the likes of The Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises like Battleship was last weekend). While G.I. Joe Retaliation being delayed has upset many fans, the big question that comes up now it… what about the toyline?

As of a few weeks ago Hasbro had already begun rolling out the first wave or two of the movie tie-in figures for G.I. Joe Retaliation to stores. Marketing was in full swing and Hasbro looked to be focusing all of their G.I. Joe line to tie-in to the film’s release. But with toys already on shelves, and no movie to support them, what would become of the line? Would they pull them and hold them for a later release with the film? Would they let them sit until they were clearanced out of stores before the film even hit theaters? Would we see any other G.I. Joe product on shelves in the meantime? This change up could very well spell disaster for this beloved long running franchise.

Earlier this week, Hasbro made an official statement as to the fate of the G.I. Joe Retaliation toyline to Action Figure Insider, letting fans know just what to expect from the line –

G.I. Joe is an ongoing consumer franchise and therefore there is merchandise available to consumers. There is a limited amount of G.I. Joe Retaliation product at retail now, but in light of the movie moving out to March 29, 2013, the majority of the movie line will be made available early next year in time for the film’s release.

It appears that G.I. Joe fans better snatch up what figures they can while they are still available, as they are likely to become a hot commodity in the coming months.


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