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X-Perts of the Atom: Wolverine and the X-Men #39

Comic Booked 12/12/2013 Reviews

Spoilers for Wolverine and the X-Men #39

Wolverine and Cyclops were a bit disappointing in the beginning. I like Scott’s simple emotionless “hello Logan,” and Wolverine just growling back, but as far as the conversation they seem to be just going through the motions. They make a point to show Logan being non-lethal with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents though, I suppose that is a nice touch. Meanwhile in the school it’s goofy plots as usual. I enjoyed seeing “homework” doled out as the fun training activities, but this plot with one of the S.H.I.E.L.D. infiltrators being in love with being a fake mutant, and just wanting to hang with the kids and have fun, seems amateur. He’s gone native you could say. It’s worth it for the end though, when you see that the kids of the Jean Grey School knew they were being infiltrated all along, and they were kind of toying with the one guy, waiting to see if he’d make the good guy decision or join in with his crazy partner’s mutant hating take-matters-into-her-own-hands approach.

They’re working on their goodbyes for this series, and they take a minute to remind you what’s in a lot of these kids’ hearts, sometimes in an ironic way through the agents’ misperception. Logan and Scott are a lot more interesting at the end, when they’re both dealing with their powers on the fritz. What an Odd Couple they make for. As they’re fighting on the run we finally get the better conversation, but I don’t know I’m always just expecting more. Even as I’m sitting here now I’m still questioning whether I have a right to really be disappointed by it. Wolvie and Cyke have pretty much the perfect point/counterpoint throughout, and are both completely in character. Wolverine’s all anger anger I’m gonna kill you, and Cyclops points out that Wolverine seems pretty killable himself right now. Logan points out that Scott is now the reigning “scariest mutant of them all” and that being the good guy gone bad is probably the reason other good guys like S.H.I.E.L.D. went a little further down the dark path. The always practical Cyke points out that all the idealism and good karma in the world won’t make Logan look any better in the public eye, and that running around in full emotional attack mode isn’t very smart when you’re vulnerable, and Wolverine responds by being extra bleeding heart idealistic and running off in an even stronger emotional attack mode! I guess Mystique’s plan failed though, they’re not going to kill each other down there, and they’ll probably continue this dance with each other for quite some time.

Wolverine and the X-Men 39

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