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X-Perts of the Atom: Wolverine Max #14

Comic Booked 12/11/2013 ZDONOTUSE

Spoilers for Wolverine Max #14

Warning: mature comic = mature content

Wolverine Max has another pretty bitchin’ cover drawn by Jock. Should we just stop there?

Well I do have some positives. They do ok with the violence, even though it’s mostly all imaginary in the beginning. Honestly the way they have him daydreaming about it here is a little sick, because I mean as much as Wolverine can give into violence, it’s not like he gets joy out of doodling murdered people in his notebook during class, at least that’s not really how I see it. Double stabbing people through the face and neck is a pretty gruesome scene to enjoy though, and Wolverine’s taunt about how lucky this guy is that he’s in control seems in character.

Oh yeah wait, the plot. So this guy we’re daydreaming about killing, he’s the son of a crime boss. He’s the one who left that note for Wolverine about going to Vegas, and he’s picked him up in a limo now to deliver him to his dad. He’s a pretty snarky asshole and makes jokes at Wolverine’s expense about his memory loss, even playing a bit of a prank on him. This crime boss of course, wants Wolverine to work as his hired killer. He goes through every trick in the book: says he knew him before, offers him insight into his past, tries to buddy up to him, blackmail, bribery, manipulation, piss him off and say “see, look how quick you are to fly off the handle you’re a killer through and through,” and eventually settles on – “you’ll do what I say just because.” Wanna guess how that ends up?

So Mr. Crime Boss sends Wolverine on a job to kill (insert whatever name you want here) and sends his son along as his handler. Wolverine tries to flip the script and actually warn the guy that he’s being targeted, but soon there are guns out and people shooting and next thing you know Wolverine has murdered everyone in the room.

Wolverine Max 14 review by scorpio moon

Ok I know it’s probably kinda sad that it took me this long to figure this out, but I’m beginning to understand what it is I don’t like about this book and why. So this Wolverine is very young, inexperienced, and even quicker to fly off the handle than he is in continuity now, which is why on my podcast we often call him, for lack of a better word, pretty retarded. Since this is supposed to be an updated origin kind of thing he really should be much younger, and much less mature in his development, but his characterization here and these types of stories might be better suited for the upcoming Origin sequel, or one of the ones that will follow. With this being set in present day it can get all confusing like. I also really don’t like the swearing. The problem is that once again it makes him seem too young. When he calls people asshole or drops f-bombs, even if Wolverine is a guy who obviously shouldn’t have a problem with foul language of all things, it’s not really how old people curse. Wolverine is kind of an old fuddy duddy so he should curse like one, even if he could swear more in comics I don’t think I’d want him to. Shit like “flamin’” just makes more sense and seems much more in character.

I guess in some ways I’m warming up a bit more to what they’re trying to do here, or at least have a handle on how my brain won’t reconcile the young/old hang-ups I have, but the stories of an emotionally regressed juvenile Wolverine can just never live up to the hype of what a Wolverine Max comic might have been, so even when I enjoy an issue like this one it’s hard for me to say I’ll be sad to this title go.

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