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X-Perts of the Atom: Uncanny Avengers #14

Comic Booked 11/28/2013 ZDONOTUSE

Spoiler review of Uncanny Avengers #14

Uncanny Avengers is pretty amazing and pretty disappointing at the same time. The opening flash-forward seems to be told from the perspective of someone who doesn’t think things turned out so well, but it’s a quick one that they don’t want you to dwell on too long. First Kang, who has been double crossed by his “children,” sets about collecting an army of random super-villains from across time, as it’s all being destroyed. This could make things interesting, or a little weird, and can probably be mined later to keep some of these characters around for others to use. In case you’re curious here’s his team – Stryfe, May Parker Venom, Doom 2099, Arno Stark, Ahab, Magistrate Braddock, and a Deathlok. Meanwhile, we have a classic example of this Unity team not being on the same page. Scarlet Witch and Wonder Man look like they have been corrupted into helping the Apocalypse Twins evacuate all mutants from Earth (destroying it in the process) but they’re actually using a similar spell to transport an army of mutants to this location to take on the Twins. Now we all know Rogue has a pretty hard mad-on for Wanda anyway, and she’s coming armed with Wolverine’s powers, intent on killing her to stop this. Rogue charging in this dramatic forward march with Wolverine style bone claws is just a damn cool comic book thing to see, and as she reiterates her anger about the events from “Decimation” and “AvX”, it kind of mirrors some of my own misgivings about those stories, also just summarizing her perspective of it really well. After being embarrassed by Daken, Wolverine is on this new non-lethal violence kick, but he can only watch in horror as Rogue first guts Wanda, but then is speared and skeleton-ified by the Grim Reaper horseman. I can’t help but feel like some of these characters are gonna get a mulligan on this one, but anyway as the comic ends Wonder Man and a dying Wanda merge and  presumably finish the spell, fading to black for our cliffhanger.

Thumbs up I guess, it’s not in any way a bad comic, and I enjoyed the hell out of the issue, but the way they tease death is irritating. They’re going for this expansive, sprawling story, but I think the majority of us would be happier if they had condensed it a bit.

Uncanny Rouge vs Wanda

This storyline is going to make a great trade one day, but reading it issue by issue is a little frustrating. Still, I’ll say this issue is worth it for Rogue, both her monologue and imagery are well, just pretty damn epic.

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