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X-Perts of the Atom: Savage Wolverine #12

Comic Booked 11/28/2013 ZDONOTUSE

Spoiler review of Savage Wolverine #12

Savage Wolverine starts a new arc, and while it jumps around time quite a bit it’s not impossible to follow. Right off the bat you’ll love this characterization of Logan, the feral but noble wildman with a strong connection to nature. One so driven to anger by hunting practices that are more like hellish tortures, he viciously attacks the first hunter he sees, even though this group is actually the good guys I suppose, trying to track down the bad ones. Wolverine tracks the operation, with some help from Kitty, back to his old home away from home, Madripoor. The big shocker at the end here is that none other than Tyger Tiger herself is back in charge of the notoriously criminal nation, and is running this thing personally.

A couple of important things to note, Madripoor is a uniquely Wolverine stomping ground, I mean other stories have taken place there, but there is a lot of history, you always associate the two and Wolverine’s alter ego “Patch” identity. In the past Logan and Tyger have had a kind of understanding. She runs crime there, but keeps away from the really brutal stuff. That’s why it’s such a shocking betrayal for Wolverine to see her involved in this operation that cuts the faces off of living animals.

kitty pryde in savage wolverine Continuity wise, this is set to take place just before “Battle of the Atom.” That’s why you can use Kitty and have that mercifully brief but actually kind of enjoyable scene at The Jean Grey School. Usually that place is all campy, but they have some fun with it and just kind of quickly reminisce about innocent, more fun spirited goofy stuff from back in the day.

Thumbs up – Phil Jimenez has captured Wolverine’s voice perfectly, and while the visual art is generally bright and open, there’s a lot of grizzly lines and detail in Wolverine that suit the character very well. I think this is going to be an excellent Wolverine adventure.

Buy it – there really isn’t enough truly good Wolverine stuff out there.

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