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X-Perts of the Atom: X-Men #8

Comic Booked 12/22/2013 Reviews

Spoilers for x-Men #8

This is part 2 of “Muertas,” the new arc featuring a revamped Lady Deathstrike and a new Sisterhood organization. The first thing we see is her latest recruit, a more old fashioned (not Mutant Zero) version of Typhoid Mary, breaking into and out of the Jean Grey school with a box full of basically everything you would ever need to know about them. My fingers are crossed that it’s somehow a fake. I can buy Mystique getting away with Wolverine’s sword over in that title, but I see her as far outclassing Typhoid Mary, and to lose something so vital JUST after having been recently attacked is criminally negligent on the part of the X-Men. Mary isn’t totally free and clear though, Psylocke managed to follow her, and we learn that what they wanted most of that box, a live sample of Arkea (the villain from the first arc) is actually a dead sample now. Mary mindthumps John Sublime though, and learns that pieces of his alien-mech sister Arkea may have landed in a number of meteor crash sites. The Sisterhood decides to track them down one by one, hoping to get major upgrades out of the deal. From here on I may have to yield my x-pert status a little bit, because I’m not completely sure what happens. The problem is it involves the Enchantress, and I’m not willing to read anything she says. Seriously, I’m not kidding, that font they use for Asgardian speech is so irritating to my eyes that whenever anyone speaks in it I just skip over whatever they’re saying. It sure looks to me like she’s joining the team though, so this Sisterhood keeps growing. That’s the majority of the action here, but there are two pages devoted to the “Roxy is outcast for being a lesbian” plot, and she also kisses Jubilee. I think we could have used more of that, because honestly the main plot wasn’t really doing it for me this issue, and I know there is more to the Roxy/Mercury story than we’ve seen. If your enjoyment of an issue is heavily dependent upon story then middle arc books can often feel a little unsatisfying, but this one especially has too many nitpicks weighing it down.

X-Men kiss

John Sublime is pretty cool in this, I love how confident he is in the X-Men, but it’s still pretty icky that they associate with him so much in this title, even if out of necessity.

Rachel sleeping in her uniform comes off as a bit of a joke, but it makes perfect sense that she’d be ready to go at a moment’s notice 100% of the time, given where and when she comes from.

I’ll give it a thumbs up, it’s still an ok comic and I’ve dealt with main characters doing stupid things to move the plot before, I’m also just not willing to believe they got pwned that bad, there’s more to it than this

But I’m going with skip it.  It wasn’t terrible but I didn’t think it was really great either, not essential reading.

X-men sword

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