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X-Perts of the Atom: Origin II #1

Comic Booked 12/24/2013 ZDONOTUSE

Spoiler review for Origin II #1

We’re in 1907. Wolverine has been living with a pack of wolves, his animal family, after fleeing the massacre of everything he loved. That was the second most horrific event in his life so far, the first being the original trauma of seeing almost everyone he loved die in front of him. I’m just going to tell you right now, for the THIRD time in his life this issue, he watches his family die in front of him. Red Streak let’s out a howl that probably sounds more unearthly than any noise any creature of the planet has ever made, but by the time he gets back there’s nothing left but a murderous polar bear and gore. Is there no middle ground for a Wolverine story between the Silver Age silliness of Wolverine and the Archies and slaughtering puppies? That about sums it up. They sell this family and this love well enough to you, as a Wolverine fan you’ll know it can never last, but you’re still pissed off when it happens, and even the brutality of the fight to the death with the polar bear won’t satiate you. In the last panel you see the bear has the mark “Subject 2” with the name N. Essex – Mr. Sinister. He’s one of my favorite villains, and it will be nice to see a less convoluted version of him. They certainly have given me a new hatred of the man, so maybe this is going somewhere, but it’s hard to imagine Wolverine will ever get satisfactory revenge. The book has a shiny cover, but only about 22 pages of new story. The other pages you feel when you pick it up are filled with little add-ons and reprinting a few pages from the previous Origin series. A colleague of mine once half-jokingly, half-seriously referred to the current “Killable” arc as “Passion of the Wolverine” and it seems that we’re going to get plenty more of that here. I just wish the good times could have lasted more than an issue.

Wolverine Origin

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