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X-Men Legacy #23: X-Perts of the Atom Review

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Spoilers for X-Men Legacy #23

I almost kind of can’t believe this, but X-Men Legacy #23 is really the most mainstream of the x-books this week. So many others in this zany week didn’t have mutants in them, or were just a little more off the beaten bath, so this is really the flagship title. It’s pretty fitting given the events of last issue. With Legion pulling himself together, asking the X-Men for help and then being turned to by THEM for leadership – it’s his moment. This book is always so back and forth and ironic, he had to lose his mind to regain it, saving himself puts him in even graver dangers, and now bringing the X-Men to him could lead to their demise.

X-Men Legacy #23 review

As he’s merged his multiple personalities back into one, the effect has gotten out of control in a way. He can’t turn it off and now he’s trying to eat or absorb all of mutantkind. His monologues are beautiful, dark poetry. But as I always say don’t let that fool you. Going back to the ironic nature of this book, it’s always been one to hang a lantern on tropes, like in this issue particularly – happy endings, the hero always saving the day, and how so many superhero stories come down to just “punching the bad guy.” But still, it’s a superhero comic through and through. It might not be dressed up like one, with all the swirling, melting effects in the visual art, but David wants to be one of the good guys, even if he’s not one of the “beautiful people” as he puts it. It’s as fringe as you can get but it’s still X-Men.

X-Men Legacy #23 review

Just as everything was coming together he seems to be losing is all. The story in X-Men Legacy has been a very personal one for Legion, with an important focus on Blindfold, his female partner. This series has seen their fate and destiny tied together, but with the heavy implication that they can’t both survive it. As Legion, David is host to a number of powers, and as the issue ends, he grabs hold of time manipulation. Anyone who’s ever wished to extend a tender moment with as lover will envy and understand what he does with it first.

X-Men Legacy #23 review

My rating: 5 out of 5

Thumbs up for an X-Men comic that’s a commentary on X-Men comics. This series has been complementary and contradictory in creative ways, and so well written, that it will probably end with the kind of surprise you feel like you should have seen coming all along. Even though it is ending soon, I recommend picking this one up, otherwise you’re missing out on series that lives up to all the potential of what X-Men comics can be. This is the kind of comic that changes the name of the game, and I’d shatter any future that dared keep me apart from this book.

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