Marvel announces the next installment in the X-Men series…X-Men: First to Last

Very little is known about the new story that will culminate  the Original X-Men against the Current X-Men, so let me tell you what we do know…

It will hits stores in May 2011

It will be featured in Giant X-Men #1 and go through #11

What I see going down…Pretty simple, somehow, someway, the original X-Men will have to do battle with the current roster.  Hey with Bishop and all the other time travelers, anything is possible!    What else I see happening is these two teams eventually teaming up to stop a greater evil.    Or maybe Marvel is trying to bring back X-Men: First Class in a big way?   I think the thing I found the most provocative about the teaser is that, there is only one Xavier, so does he have to pick a side?  If so who does he go with?

Guess we’ll find out in May