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All About X-Men Comics Podcast Episode 17

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The All About X-Men Comics Podcast is spoiler heavy and occasionally NSWF


We’re calling this one “The Good, The Bad, and The Wolverine!”

We’ve got recaps and reviews forAll New X-Factor #1, Cable And X-Force #18, Deadpool #22, A Plus X #15, Fantomex Max #4, Inhumanity Awakening #2, Savage Wolverine #14, and Wolverine #13.

We also have previews of: All New X-Men #21, Uncanny X-Men #16, Amazing X-Men #3, Uncanny X-Force #16, Wolverine Max #15, X-Men Legacy #22, Deadpool Gauntlet and Night of The Living Deadpool.

This episode’s special segments include:

Spiking the Punch – what non- X-Men related titles will the guys recommend?

I Pity The Fool – who is the saddest sack of horse manure from the past week?

Too Cool For School – who had too much sass for class?

x-men podcast: savage wolverine 14

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Preview of the action:

From the writer – “What attracted me to the character wasn’t so much what had gone before, but where I could take him. Getting under the mask and seeing who this person was, why he did what he did. It opened up my mind to the possibilities of where he could go, not simply be a continuance of what other creators had done with him.”

What? Huh? Where was any of that in the series? Remember I was all worried that maybe this writer wasn’t the right choice for who should explore the character – who should get to do backstory on him or open up his future? Turns out I had nothing to worry about, because he didn’t do any of that anyway.

Now let’s clear up this weirdness about [redacted]. I thought a lot of this shit with her made no sense, so I went back to the promo quotes and dug up this gem:

“My [redacted] is considerably different from the other versions of her that have come before. My version is a hyper intelligent AI character.”

So, please take that to mean – I changed everything about this character.

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