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All About X-Men Comics Podcast Episode 22

Comic Booked 03/06/2014 ZDONOTUSE

The All About X-Men Comics Podcast is spoiler heavy and occasionally NSWF

In this episode we have recaps and reviews for:  All New X-Men #23, Wolverine and the X-Men #41, All New X-Factor #3, X-Men Legacy #24, Marvel Knights X-Men #4, and X-Force #1.

We also preview: A Plus X # 17,  Amazing X-Men #4, Night Of Living Deadpool #3, Savage Wolverine #15, Uncanny X-Men #17, and X-Men 11.

This contains our ode to X-Men Legacy, this last run being one of the best things in comics ever! That’s a pretty bold statement, but come listen to us back it up! You also gotta love when Smallville gets referenced, we discuss feminism and women in comics, and Scorpio turns into the last of the Aztecs!

This week we also “Spike the Punch” and have a “Too Cool For School” entry!

Streaming audio player at the bottom of the page, or also enjoy the YouTube archive and mp3 download link.

x-men comics podcast

YouTube coming soon!

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