Sunday 24th May 2015,
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All About X-Men Comics Podcast Episode 16

Comic Booked 01/10/2014 Reviews

With the holiday hiatus over, the All About X-Men Comics Podcast is back on schedule!

We’ve got recaps and reviews for: All New X-Men #20, Cataclysm Ultimate X-Men #2 (of 3), Deadpool #21, Longshot Saves Marvel Universe #4 (of 4), Uncanny Avengers #15, Uncanny X-Force #15, X-Men #8, Origin II #1, and Savage Wolverine #13.

We also have previews of: All New X-Factor #1, Cable And X-Force #18, Deadpool #22, A Plus X #15, Fantomex Max #4, Inhumanity Awakening #2, Savage Wolverine #14, and Wolverine #13.  

Spoilers and NSFW – streaming audio player at the bottom of the page, or also enjoy the YouTube archive and mp3 link!

X-Men Wolverine burns what's left


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