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All About X-Men Comics Podcast 15

Comic Booked 12/18/2013 Reviews

Relive last week’s action and preview this week’s books with the All About X-Men Comics Podcast!

We’ve got recaps and reviews forUncanny X-Men #15, Wolverine and The X-Men #39, Wolverine #12, Wolverine Max #14, A + X #15, and Cable and X-Force #17.

We also have previews for: All New X-Men #20, Cataclysm Ultimate X-Men #2 (of 3), Deadpool #21, Longshot Saves Marvel Universe #4 (of 4), Uncanny Avengers #15, Uncanny X-Force #15, and X-Men #8.

Make sure to stick around until the end for the debut of a new segment! Here’s a little preview of what’s inside:

What a faced paced, exciting comic! They know exactly when to skip from scene to scene and how to keep things clicking, and they’re proving you can have a serious story without taking yourself too seriously. A lot of times mutants don’t get to be proper superheroes fighting crime, because for them everything is personal, and even here x-force is really just fighting for the fate of the human race. Although they do work one personal angle in, how often do you get to see teams just going on missions and doing the day to day as kicking they’re supposed to?


Here is a special little treat for X-Men fans and mutants lovers alike, we don’t normally stalk every single mutant all over marvel comicdom, though someday we might, but this has  a special focus on the students of the Jean Grey school, so we just couldn’t resist. . . . .


Now what books are we talking about, any guesses?!


A plus X Emma X-Men panel


Spoilers and NSFW – streaming audio player at the bottom of the page, or also enjoy the YouTube archive and mp3 link!



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If you wanna binge on X-Men stuff, head over to the All About X-Men Comics Podcast page! To follow Days of the Future Past movie news, stay up to date with our companion site Screen Rebellion.

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