The New 52’s second wave of books start in May so in just one more month we will be getting our hands on Earth 2 and World’s Finest from DC Comics. World’s Finest is what we will be looking at today although as more information is released this coming month on the second wave books, you can be sure Comic Booked will be here to report on it.

Worlds’ Finest is written by Paul Levitz and features the artistic talents of George Perez and Kevin Maguire. The book will star a team of two, the Huntress and Power Girl, a fan favorite that has been sorely missed since the relaunch, although she has made a minor appearance as Karen Starr in the Mr. Terrific series.

Power Girl’s costume redesign is probably the most controversial move made by the second wave books so far. Very strong opinions of either loving it or hating it can be found all over the web. These covers offer you more of a look at the costume in action. Do they change your opinion for better or worse? Let us know in the comments below, and share with us what you are excited about in the coming second wave.

World’s Finest #1 Variant Cover

World’s Finest #2 cover


World’s Finest #3 cover