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WonderCon 2014 Cosplay Gets Comic Booked!

BalbowskiNation 04/23/2014 Features

Hey everyone, Balbowskination back at it again with a WonderCon 2014 cosplay article featuring Comic Booked Studio’s Cosplay Music Video. Before I get started, I want to let you guys know what I’ve been working on since I’ve been gone. We started a new web series called Young Justice Abduction in honor of the canceled show Young Justice. I act, direct, and edit for the show and our team is always growing. To give you an idea of what YJA is all about, here’s a little run down from yours truly. “The Justice League starts to disappear and before they know it all the powerless sidekicks are by them selves and have to find and defeat the all star cast of villains.” If you like Young Justice or even DC comics then you should give it a look.


Riddler, Red Arrow, NightWing, Harvey Bullock, Batgirl, Superboy, Lex Luthor

I headed to Wondercon this passed weekend with the notorious Colin Bass aka Nightwing aka Crimson Blur and Brett Mason aka Bane along with some others. The years before have had amazing cosplayers, but this year was by far the best. Not only did the quality of the cosplay improve, it also increased in quantity. It seems to me a lot more blood, sweat, tears and dollar bills went into people’s cosplay than I’ve seen in the past.  And I have to mention besides the Captain Americas and Winter Soliders it was a very DC heavy cosplay this year. Not that I’m complaining since I’m a DC kind of guy. Most of the cast of Young Justice: Abduction were at WonderCon and they were fully suited up. Make sure you keep your eye out for any familiar faces in the video. Enjoy!


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Thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it. Make sure to check out Redhook noodles he makes amazing beats. Also please check out our web series in the works The Apartment.

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