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Nick Furious 03/20/2012 Reviews

Most people nearly went crazy trying to keep track of all the information that came from Marvel at WonderCon 2012.  Worry not my comic book reading compadres, for Comic Booked has a full recap of Marvel WonderCon news, covering all the big reveals and announcements.  There were quite a few so this is kind of a long post; but on the bright side it is all on one page!  Let’s get to it then.

-Brian Wood to join “X-Men” and “Ultimate X-men” starting in June (Jubilee will no longer be part of the roster)

-Dale Eaglesham goes to “Hulk” which will continue to follow Red Hulk being a maniac

-“Dark Avengers” to replace “Thunderbolts” the switch will take place on “Dark Avengers” #175, which will still apparently feature predominantly Luke Cage but no other team members were mentioned aside from the “Thunderbolts

Hulk Mayan

-Marvel plans to use the 2012 “World Ending” scenario in the very  near future, first appearing in “Hulk

-“Space: Punisher” #1 arrives in July, and the entire world groans as Marvel once again pushes Punisher into ridiculousness.

-Marvel continues to shove Carol Danvers down our throats with a clever twist on Ms. Marvel who is about to be promoted and have her own solo title in “Captain Marvel” in July.

XTXM1-“X-Treme X-Men” will only have 3 X-Men, Alternate Universe Versions of Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Emma Frost.   All three were seen previously in Astonishing and will apparently welcome new member Dazzler.  X-Treme X-Men #1 comes out in July and will debut one of the most disappointing covers Marvel has ever revealed.

Marvel continues to blow me out of the water with how many new characters they want to take center stage.  I know they want to sell more and more titles, but at some point they have to realize that if they had less titles, if people had less titles to follow CONSTANTLY they would probably kill it every month.   Yet they continue to frustrate the entire world with how many titles they decide to come out with.  How anyone follows the Avengers, as in every single tie in issue, is beyond me.  X-Treme X-Men will contain alternate reality versions of X-men and I’m sure its gonna tie into Avengers vs. X-Men, just so people HAVE to read it.


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