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Wolverine and the X-Men #2: X-Perts of The Atom Review

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Spoilers for Wolverine and the X-Men #2 –

Boy Gladiator is going to feel like an idiot. He’s trying to kill a young girl out of Phoenix-phobia, meanwhile an entire corporation is blasting Phoenix symbols all over Earth. This Phoenix Corporation mystery is the basis for the first arc of the freshly renumbered series, and their worldwide broadcast successfully gets the attention of Wolverine, and Quentin Quire. Now Wolverine has learned his lesson since “Killable,” and wisely seeks the counsel of his closest friends and allies instead of running off angrily to confront things on his own. Just kidding haha, he totally takes this personal, as if they’re using our beloved Jean Grey’s name in vain, and runs off to attack. It’s the hot-headed Wolverine you remember, but handled with a little more respect than other writers who have written the character recently. Jason Latour is careful to make sure the reader knows Wolverine does these things out of love, and that running off is his way of keeping the battle away from his friends and family. Storm puts a lighting path in Logan’s way though, and stops him long enough to talk some sense into him. A lot of people have tried the “chat with Wolverine” lately, but this conversation has had more actual truth in it than any of them.

Wolverine and the X-Men #2

Quentin Quire, revealed in “Battle of The Atom” to be a future host for the Phoenix, has the same idea as Wolverine though, and sneaks off to take this corporation head on. He encounters a new big bad villain, trained by Askani, who takes a trip through his mind. Wolverine and Storm come to bail him out, but our new bad guy from the future uses Storm’s claustrophobia against her, and has the upper hand in the physical fight against Wolverine. The issue ends there for our cliffhanger.

My rating: 4/5

Both the writer and the visual artists seem to have a pretty good grasp on these characters. There are a lot of elements in play regarding “AvX,” “Battle of the Atom,” the Askani, and the futures of Wolverine’s students, especially Quire and Kid Apocalypse. I really wish “Killable” wasn’t a driving force behind the current state of the school, but there’s nothing I can do about that. I’m kind of leaning towards “get the trade” with this series, but that conversation between Wolverine and Storm was just too good for me to recommend anything other than “buy it.”  


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