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Wolverine Goes Gangnam – With Video Evidence!

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Yes, that’s Hugh Jackman of Wolverine fame in this photo from pop star PSY’s Twitter account, and now there’s video evidence to boot!  Am I the only one who keeps misreading that as Gundam style? Anyway, Gangnam style is everywhere, and it’s not going anywhere, at least until PSY’s fifteen minutes are up.  In the meantime you’ve got to love how he’s making the most of it.  Admit it, you would do any goofy dance it took to get on the set of The Wolverine. I know I would!


“Dress classy, dance cheesy,” is the motto PSY is known for, and although Hugh Jackman is known to dress classy and dance classy on Broadway and in similar type performance venues, he obviously knows how to have some fun and these pictures show all involved seeming to have a blast!  Even if Jackman’s moves weren’t all that great, it couldn’t be any more embarrassing than X-Men Origins: Wolverine, right? The star himself has admitted that they didn’t exactly nail it in the character’s first solo outing, and is looking to rectify that in this next upcoming installment.

Then again maybe you don’t have to shine your dance shoes to get close to the production, director James Mangold is said to be very involved with interested fans on his recently opened Twitter account!

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