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Wolverine #13: X-Perts of the Atom Review

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Spoilers for Wolverine #13 –

Nothing happens in Wolverine #13. Seriously, if you read the last issue, or any issue in the “Killable” arc, just imagine that after that everyone disappeared and went away, the end. That’s basically all you’ll get anyway.

Sabretooth taunts Wolverine a bit, but then decides that after all this, the best thing to do is nothing, to just leave him to suffer. Or maybe he doesn’t even try to kill him because he not so secretly loves Wolverine and is clinging to hope that he’ll join forces someday. God I wish they had just left Sabretooth dead.

Is this what he sold the whole gang on, doing nothing? “We’re going to torment Wolverine and bring him to his breaking point, but then just leave. I’m sure it’ll work out for us in the long run.”

Go ahead Sabretooth, give Wolverine a kiss.

Go ahead Sabretooth, give Wolverine a kiss.

S.H.I.E.L.D. defeats the invading virus, which tries to flee to Wolverine for protection, offering him his healing powers back and more, in return for sanctuary in his cells. He says no, so once again nothing happens.

Kitty aggravatingly buys into all of Sabretooth’s bullshit, and won’t comfort her suffering friend. In fact she doesn’t even want to let Storm or anyone else near him out of some kind of fear, apparently forgetting that she could easily phase herself, and Wolverine for that matter. Has there been some kind of editorial mandate to disintegrate their relationship in the least believable ways possible?

Wolverine breaks the stupid sword, the Watcher shows up for no reason, and then Wolverine announces that “the Wolverine is dead.” With that this crappy arc ends, taking the series down with it, only for Wolverine to be restarted with a new issue #1 with the same writer next month.

Thumbs down – Compare this forced melodramatic garbage to something like the heartbreaking yet heroic Wolverine #75, which also had Wolverine lose one of his defining traits and walk away a broken man, and you’ll quickly understand why I’m recommending you skip this issue.

Good job Wolverine

Kind of what I want to do with the comic.

My Rating: 1/5

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