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Wizard World Philly 2012: Stan Lee

Comic Booked Guest Writer 06/03/2012 Features, ZDONOTUSE

Let’s face it, Stan Lee is a living legend. I even went so far as to purchase my first VIP pass just for the chance to get a picture with him. As I waited in line for my photo-op I counted at least 500 people waiting in line to have their picture taken with the man. Fortunately, I already met him. I was helping out a dealer by getting signatures for his store-run CGC Signature Series signing. Desert Winds has the monopoly on signatures from ‘The Man’. Well, more of a contract with Stan Lee, rather than Wizard World, but due to the legality, any and all CGC authorization  had to go through them. Even others that were getting the books taken care of had to go through them, this includes the person I was helping out. It was arranged so that I could take the books up to the front of the line and have them signed by Stan Lee.

Stan Lee made an appearance at this weekend's Wizard World PhillyThe reality of it all is really setting in as I am typing this because not only did I get to meet Stan Lee, but I was the first one to meet The Man and I was escorted to the front of the line. The faces and the mumbling of everyone wondering who the hell I was. Stan Lee proceeded to sign 21 books for me, one of which was mine. I will write more about this experience because I really should be taking the public transport down to Wizard World Philly. I love living close. Not to mention I will be standing in line for Chris Hemsworth with the woman whose convention virginity I took away this weekend. She was actually more excited that I was going to be meeting Stan Lee than I was. There is one day left of this event, please try to make it. I don’t cosplay, but if you are reading this and you are dressing for this I hope to catch your picture there. Today’s job, other than hopefully getting books back from CGC and going to the Stan Lee Q&A is to take lots and lots of pictures.


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  1. Spidey 06/04/2012 at 10:16 am

    I remember seeing you getting all those books signed and I remember thinking how sad it was to see people using Stan Lee like that. Making sure to get your merchandise signed before the loyal fans because people want to make sure they can turn around and make a profit on his signature.

    I stood in line a combined 4 hours WITH a VIP pass for his signature and photo. I'm glad a huge fan such as yourself was able to skip the lines AND make a buck. Congratulations.

    • CGC Lee 06/05/2012 at 11:10 am

      To Spidey

      I hope you read this I truly do. I need you to understand I am just as much as a fan as you. I been reading comic books since I was five, collecting them since I was 12. In the past I have gotten Stan Lee's signature through other services. This year for Wizard World 2012 I already had my press credentials in hand. I even tried setting up to get an interview with the man. Two weeks before the event I decided to shell the $225 so I could have the oppurtunity to have another book signed by him. I couldn't decide which. With someone's help I made a really good purchase at a decent price. I have known this person for a while and was always good to me. The type of dealer who is a joy to go back to again and agin because not only the deals you get, but the knowledge that comes with it. So when he asked me for a favor to stand in line to get a few signatures for his loyal customers how could I say no? Would you have said no? I was there before the place opened. The press badge gave me that opportunity. I was told I didn't have to wait but I would have waited the same amount of time you did and then some.

      As for making a buck, all my Stan Lee signature series are mine. I have not sold any of them and nor I sell any of them unless the chance arises where I can get the same book in a better condition. I am writing to you and anyone else who feels that they were given a gross injustice but I am curious to know if someone said that they would get you first in line to see Stan Lee would you take it or would you wait behind everyone else. This was years in the making for me, I couldn't say no and my personal collection is better for it.

      On a side note, from one collector to another, What did you have signed and did you have it graded? I purchase a Daredevil #3 just for his signature. I do hope to get the first ten issues from him signed. I ow have three with 7 more to go.

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