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Wizard World 2012: The Preview Day

Comic Booked Guest Writer 06/01/2012 Reviews

This was the first year I did not have to wait outside. I don’t know if this was because of the added day or because Wizard World Philly became more organized. The star power seems to be larger than last year and I wonder about the huge empty aisle that was still being prepared for the mass influx of fans waiting to meet their favorite star. Having an autograph doesn’t mean that much to me (unless it is Stan lee, but more on that later). Last year I did wait and stand in line to meet certain stars, but that was because I was hanging out with a friend and that was his thing. This year, I am going with someone else and watching the event unfold through her eyes, and it is slightly magical. I suspect I will be waiting in line with her for Chris Helmsworth today.


The preview day was nothing spectacular, but yet i felt like I accomplished a lot. I talked with Keegan at Comics To Astonish. I spoke with Matt Nelson at Classics Incorporated. I purchased my Daredevil #3 from Superworld Comics; the same book I will be waiting in line to have signed by Stan Lee, along with fifteen other books (but more on that later). I have a few more books I plan on bringing today. The ten that I brought yesterday, well,  I don’t mind what grade they get; but as for the ones I lugged along today– I want the coveted 9.8 spot. This hobby of ours is great and Jerry Milani was nice enough to allow us to cover the event in force. Will next year be bigger than this year, as this year seems bigger than last year? I am not sure; it is hard to tell you what it will be like from just the preview day, but as sure as I am going to buy a few comic books today, I will let you know tomorrow.  Stay tuned for further developments.  This year is going to be epic!


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