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Witchblade’s New Start

Michael Wirth 01/05/2012 Reviews

A few weeks back, comic fans were saddened to learn that long time writer of Witchblade, Ron Marz, was leaving the title. However, that sadness was lifted upon hearing that Tim Seeley, known for his series Hack/Slash, was to be taking over writing duties. Given the stretch of time Marz has written Witchblade, and the integrity and appeal he’s brought to the main character, Sara Pezzini, it’s hard to image what direction Seeley will go. Will he move away from the mysticism that has been established to turn the title into a more horror-based comic? Will he maintain the same level of respect for Sara that Marz has shown her throughout the years? While I don’t necessarily have the answer to those question, Image Comics and Top Cow sheds some light on the future of the title.

By Tim Seeley and Diego BernardThe New Year brings a slew of fresh starts and Witchblade bearer, Sara Pezzini, is no exception. Pezzini will start 2012 in Chicago with a new job and brand new life, thanks to the fresh ongoing creative team of Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) and Diego Bernard (The Man With No Name).


Sara Pezzini has always been a born and bred New York City detective, in addition to wielding the ancient Artifacts, the Witchblade. That all changes with Witchblade #151, the first issue by Seeley and Bernard, which finds Pezzini living outside of the Big Apple for the first time in the series history and working as a private detective. The mystery of how and why Sara is in Chicago, as well as what else has changed about her situation, will drive the story and reader interest for the coming year. This issue kicks off the 5-part story arc, entitled “Unbalanced Pieces,” in which Sara must find a way to balance her new role in the Windy City.


Witchblade is a dream project or me: A great character, an epic art and editorial team, and an important legacy in the history of comic books!” said Seeley. “Top Cow is giving me an awesome opportunity to reintroduce Sara Pezzini to new fans, old readers, and to a whole new setting!”


Witchblade #151 is the first issue in Top Cow’s Rebirth, an initiative spinning out of the end of the Artifacts event, which concludes in Artifacts #13. Rebirth will provide ground-level entry points for each of Top Cow’s Universe titles – Witchblade, The Darkness, and Artifacts – and ushers in a bold new age of story-telling to coincide with Top Cow’s 20th Anniversary. In addition to containing the full first story by Seeley and Bernard, the issue will include a five page bridging sequence by Ron Marz (Magdalena) and John Tyler Christopher (Artifacts) and an ongoing prose story backup feature by Seeley.


Witchblade #151 is a 32-page full-color comic with no ads for $2.99, and will be available in comic stores and digitally today. This issue ships with two wraparound covers by regular cover artist Christopher. For more information, please visit

By Tim Seeley and Diego Bernard

By Tim Seeley and Diego Bernard

By Tim Seeley and Diego Bernard

By Tim Seeley and Diego Bernard

By Tim Seeley and Diego Bernard

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  1. Sokos6 11/05/2012 at 6:56 pm

    LOVE Witchblade. Always been a huge fan of Top Cow comics.

  2. Knighti2 11/05/2012 at 10:06 pm

    Witchblade was good with the original team. I do not think it ever regained that status upon their leaving. The Darkness is pretty much in the same boat.

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