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Witchblade Begins A New Chapter

Michael Wirth 07/24/2011 ZDONOTUSE
Sara Pezzini has been through a lot in the past six years. She’s had a child, maintained her police career while juggling her duties as Witchblade, lost and gained back the mystical gauntlet, hunted down those who kidnapped her daughter, and even discovered the inner-workings of the universe. Her life has been eventful; however, nothing has prepared her for what’s coming next!

Hot off the Top Cow universe-altering events of ARTIFACTS #13 and WITCHBLADE #150, WITCHBLADE #151 begins a new chapter in the story of Pezzini. The passionate, new creative team will provide an ideal jumping on point for new readers.

These changes all start with Tim Seeley (HACK/SLASH) and Diego Bernard (The Man With No Name). Seeley and Bernard mark the first completely new creative team in over six years following the landmark run by Ron Marz and his co-collaborator Stjepan Sejic. Seeley will be using the Marz-era as a springboard from which to tell stories of Sara’s new life and build on the rich Top Cow history and continuity while bringing a new voice and putting her through new challenges.

“Over the years, I’ve developed a rep as a guy who likes to write women who kick ass, and look great doing it,” said Seeley. “I’m over-the-moon at getting the opportunity to follow up one of the most beloved creative teams in comic history, on one of the most enduring heroines ever!” 
To celebrate this new chapter, Top Cow is lowering the regular cover price of Witchblade to $2.99 and offering two covers by John Tyler Christopher (ARTIFACTS) and Dennis Calero (X-Men: Noir), as well as a special retailer incentive cover by the legendary J. Scott Campbell.
WITCHBLADE #151 (AUG110425), a 32-page full color comic book, is available for order in the August issue of Previews.

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