It’s been almost 2 years since DC launched the reboot of the entire universe, The New 52, following from the ashes of Flashpoint. In that time, we’ve seen some hits and we’ve seen some misses; we’ve seen some of our favorites return, and we’ve seen some obscure characters be prominent. And we’ve definitely missed a few major individuals as well, it’s safe to say. But, in my opinion, now that we have time into the universe we are starting to see a little more focus coming out of the universe, with stronger stories across the board!

Perhaps the most thing perplexing many long-time readers is the uncertainty of what held over from the previous continuity and what did not. We know, based on anecdotal evidence and not a direct link, that the events that unfolded in Batman: The Killing Joke appear to have happened, but there is no mention of Barbara taking on the role of Oracle. With the universes separating again, there appears to be no JSA, just the Wonders over in Earth-2. And I see no mention of the death of Barry Allen, even though his death was pivotal in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Some of our favorite storylines existed, but others did not. And it’s been a struggle at times to understand what happened and what didn’t.

To help with this, we here at Comic Booked are going to take the fact that we’ve read a lot of the old continuity as well as the new and hopefully provide you some insight as to what’s going on with characters in the New 52. We cannot address everything, but we can talk about what has been explicitly (or very strongly intimated) as having happened.

DC used to have their own book showcasing the characters, who they were, and their personal information. Using their old style as inspiration, we’ll be publishing a number of “Who’s Who” profiles within the New 52 starting tomorrow. We’ll be aiming for 2 a week, showcasing many of the characters (both A-listers all the way down to Z-listers) and maybe surprising a few of you in terms of who has returned to the DCU in books you may not read.

Interested in a particular character? Let us know and we’ll see what we can round up! And always chime in with your 2 cents as to which stories in the New 52 were pivotal for you for these characters, and which stories from the old continuity would you like to see addressed/acknowledged as we go into Year 3 of the New 52!