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Guess Who’s Joining Young Cyclops For A New Series!

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The series starring young time-displaced Cyclops is set to begin in May, following the events of the “Trial of Jean Grey” crossover between All-New X-Men and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Quick spoilers for All New X-Men #23 – 

I was getting my expectations down on this event, but this issue brought them back up! The space art is beautiful, full of blues and purples and cool colors but also just the right amount of lights. This Jean Grey might not be destined to be the phoenix, but every time she gets angry I can feel that quite frankly she has the potential to be something so much worse.

So we’re all on board the Guardians of the Galaxy ship, and having Scott be the last one to wake up  is an easy way to make him the fish out of water character to explain everything to. When the Shi’ar attack the ship, everyone gets into battle positions, until they get bailed out by – Corsair aka Christopher Summers and the Star Jammers! Hell yeah!

According to Marvel:

Long thought dead, Corsair, leader of that intergalactic band of misfits the Starjammers, has returned! And he’s got a new recruit in the form of his son, young Cyclops himself! Scott Summers is leaving the X-Men behind to stay in space and learn a few valuable lessons from dad: 1) How to shave, 2) How to talk to women, 3) How to steal a Badoon spaceship.

This book is everything Marvel is about – high stakes, intergalactic action, adventure and intrigue with the emotional core of a father and son who have to repair their relationship,” says Editor Tom Brennan.  “Corsair and Cyclops are both in a bold new world – a man back from the dead and a teen out of time. They need each other now, and the universe needs them more than ever.

What would you do if you were suddenly thrust into the future? See your older self. Learn the path you’ve taken. The mistakes you’ve made. Now, imagine that the father you thought died long ago is alive and well – and is a space pirate! This May, experience the ongoing adventures of young Scott Summers in CYCLOPS #1 – the all-new series from Eisner Award winning writer Greg Rucka and artist Russel Dauterman!


So how is Corsair alive? How does young Cyclops justify leaving the team behind? Greg Rucka and artist Russel Dauterman sound like quite a team (I especially liked Dauterman on Supurbia) and I look forward to getting the answers from them!

new cyclops series


Looking forward to young Cyclops series?

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