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Who Will Be The Next Man Without Fear?

Comic Booked Guest Writer 08/11/2010 ZDONOTUSE

Well Marvel keeps  trying to mess with our head, or just wants to get all of us mad. I mean we have “Shadowland” going  on right now, which is a cool story, but  COME ON! DAREDEVIL A BAD GUY!!?  Well some of you argue he is not bad and he is just doing what its need to be done, and I can see your point, but Daredevil is the definition of justice, or at least it was. What do you think?

Now they are teasing us with a new “Man Without Fear” guy. Who will take the mantle? Kraven ? Are you kidding me!!?? Ok I will admit, I kinda like  the idea of Gambit being the new Daredevil or  Man without Fear, whatever you wanna call it.

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