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Where Has My Content Gone?

Kelly Cassidy 06/05/2013 Features

For many of you who have been coming around for a while, you may be wondering things like “What happened to all the video game news?” or “Where are my TV episode reviews?” They’ve been absent from the screen of ComicBooked.com for a while – and that’s by intent.  We’ve been undergoing a number of changes here at ComicBooked.com and trying out a lot of new things over the last period of time, and now that we are well underway to acting on some of our strategies we wanted to share them with you, our loyal readers.

Firstly, I’ll address the questions I mentioned above, one at a time.

The video games section of ComicBooked.com has now separated! Not because they don’t like us or because we kicked them out because they were taking up valuable space on the couch which would be better suited to stacks of comic books to read… No, we did it because they had a lot of energy and passion for video games and sometimes their content got lost within the confines of a single site. As such, they’ve got their own piece of the web now over at VideoGameRebellion.com! There’s tons of content going up over there including content on the new mobile version of Final Fantasy as well as what’s going on with XBox One. If you want news on video games, check out our sibling site there and let them know what else you’d like to see! You can also reach them on both Facebook and Twitter as well, so please give them a look!

Along with seeing our video game brethren move to their own environment, we’ve also seen the TV and movies section of this site be given the opportunity to provide more of a focus on their content. No more will you find reviews of Game of ThronesArrow and The Walking Dead here (although we’re all still fans of those shows) – no, to find that content you’ll need to head over to ScreenRebellion.com!  There’s a lot of great stuff on TV and in the theaters these days and, again, we didn’t want all of that news and excitement to get lost in the shuffle. It’s all good and important stuff and so we wanted that information to stand out on its own two feet and to allow you to get that content more easily! They’re also quite active on their own Facebook and Twitter pages, so give them a shout as well and join in on the conversation!

Now, why did we do the separation? As I said, both teams are passionate and have a lot of information to relay, and we would find at times that certain pieces of news or reviews would get lost in the shuffle with all 3 topics mixed into one site. We also all had visions for each of the divisions and those growth points didn’t always flesh out evenly with all of the subjects so, like all siblings, we fought and fought and fought and then we all got too tired to fight anymore and the subject of giving us each our own bucket of Lego to play with and grow how we want to for our respective teams became the best solution out there!

What you may notice, though, is that we’re all still together as a family of sites. ScreenRebellion.com, VideoGameRebellion.com and ComicBooked.com are all part of the same parent organization, Comic Booked LLC. Although the siblings to the site you are on now are still (relatively) new, we’re all equals. And you’ll notice that many of the contributors to one site also contribute to the other sites! We all work together to deliver some amazing content to you all, but this way we can each keep our own Lego to ourselves but share and trade some back and forth when it makes sense!

But wait – we used to have Magic: The Gathering on the site, too! What happened there? Well, many of you know that ComicBooked.com is not only a place for your comic news and reviews, but it’s also a physical location in Virginia Beach! Along with being your typical comic book store, Kaboom is also headquarters for the premiere Magic: The Gathering shop in the area! And although you don’t see the content much on ComicBooked.com anymore, you can actually still see what’s going on in that arena at KaboomMTG.com! They have regular MTG tournaments, a great selection and staff, and will soon have the news as to what’s going on within the MTG realm.

So with all of those changes, what is left here? Well, we’re still your resource on comics. Our writers tell it like it is – be it good or bad. We all hate to write bad reviews, but needs must. We are here to share our thoughts with you, our readers, and that’s what we do. Sometimes we get it right, and other times we get it wrong. But we always share what is on our minds as we read the books. We’ve slowed down a little with the changeover as we still work through a few things, but we’re building up our momentum again. We have lots of ideas we are fleshing out and lots of excitement within our team, and a future note I’ll be posting will share some of those ideas soon! Along with comics, though, we have a number of recent articles on Cosplay including how to get started and build your own costumes. As well, even though it hasn’t gotten its own site, we have our own production studio delivering amazing web series such as the Crimson Blur and a fan-based series that the team there is putting up based on the recently cancelled Young Justice series – you should really check it out!

OK, so that’s what we have been up to over the last few months. We’ve been making the changes silently, but now we’ve got the momentum going and we wanted to shout it from the mountaintops! We have tons of ideas of where we can go with the site(s) next and we’d love to hear your feedback! Let us know your thoughts below, comment on each of our social media pages, and let us know your thoughts on where you’d like to see it go! I know we’ve had a lot of interest from some independent books reach out to us recently and I’m a tad behind on getting back to them… but that’s now moving up on my plate and you can expect to see much more arrive in that arena soon!

We’re all excited here about the changes we’ve done so far, and we’re just as excited over what’s gonna come next! We hope you’ll stick around and see what else we’ll be doing in the months to come!

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