More teasing coming out of the Marvel camp today as they released the first images concerning the upcoming Shattered Heroes storyline. Once the events of Fear Itself have torn their way through the Marvel Universe, sparing no character as it comes crashing down, Shattered Heroes explores how those characters, the ones who have been directly affected by Fear Itself and even those tangentially affected, deal with what’s to come.

When the dust settles from Fear Itself, who will remain?The press release emailed by Marvel today featured only the below image, and a quote from Marvel’s Executive Editor and Senior Vice president of Publishing Tom Brevoort.

“The war is over, and the warriors return home, carrying with them scars of battle, both physical and mental. Now the cost will be tallied, the casualties buried and mourned, the rubble swept up and carted away. But the damage to our heroes isn’t easily repaired, the wounds not easily healed.  Decisions are made and lives are changed—can shattered heroes find renewed courage to go on?”

Marvel first announced Shattered Heroes and San Diego Comic Con 2011, but didn’t go into too much detail. The series launches in October, so there’s only a few months to go before we find out the ramifications of Fear Itself.

I’m really curious to find out who will be most affected by this. Clearly Iron Man, for one, given his sacrifice during the series, but will the X-Men be included in Shattered Heroes? They only have a small role in the events of Fear Itself but Schism will definitely have long lasting effects on the team.

Let us know what you think about this in the comments below. What would you like to see from Shattered Heroes.