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What are They Worth?

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Looking for the best comic book isn’t always easy. CGC has made it simple  for me to find them if they are available, because some of them are not. I will soon have the best collection of New Mutants. That does not mean I’m not envious of the current holder of that prestigious title. I realized that I did earn it and I hope to keep it. I spent money through different avenues to have the best collection, but do I have the best? This could be argued either way since there are two books that I do not have and most likely out of those two, on one of them I never will.

One of the great sources for the books I search for is eBay. It was actually my only source until I became more aware of my surroundings. It’s funny that way, because you don’t realize what a large portion of this comic book universe is without immersing yourself into it. I think of a pool in the middle of summer and instructional swim first thing in the morning; the pool is still cold from the night before and you try to step in slowly to adjust but it is so much easier to just jump in.

 New Mutants, Marvel, X-men

Collecting CGC is not something you can just jump into, it is quite expensive. Every single New Mutants issue other than two (#87 and #98) could be purchased in a back issue box for no greater that $5 a piece, ungraded, and I have them all. I purchased every single one from issue #15 to #100 at cover price. The first fourteen however I had to track down. Memory fails me on the majority of them, but I am 100 percent sue I purchased #8 for $1.I am currently trying to figure out exactly what my New Mutants Collection is actually worth, because a collection is not necessarily worth what you paid for it. For instance, I bought a 9.9 graded copy of New Mutants #1 for $300. Someone else got a copy on eBay for $150, and now is trying to sell it for $300. He thinks the book is worth that much. It isn’t; I over spent. I am happy I have it, and happier still that places like eBay give me a chance to see what other people will purchase a book for.

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  1. Nick Furious 08/15/2011 at 10:58 pm

    About how much money would you say it costs most collectors?

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