One of the reasons I love writing for Comic Booked is the opportunity to discover and showcase new creators, writers, and artists. It’s always fun finding a new comic book series to get excited for and today I discovered one that really floored me. We’ll let the creator, Rachel Deering, sum up Anathemafor us:


The story focuses on a huntress named Mercy Barlowe, who falls in love with the daughter of a local reverend. When the romantic nature of their relationship is discovered, the reverend cries heresy and vows to see both women tried as witches. Mercy escapes, but the reverend’s daughter is sentenced to burn. The agony and torment of the burning lures wicked creatures from the darkness, who attack the village and steal the souls of the dying women. Mercy vows to track the evil beings to the ends of the earth and vanquish them to reclaim her lover’s soul, even if it means taking on dark powers of her own.


Just reading that description has me excited. I love horror, and you don’t get many comic books set during the 1600s. I had the pleasure to read a few sample pages and I was pleased with what I saw. The artwork is stunning and very dark and gothic, setting the right mood for the story. The writing was well done, really captures the feel of the time period.


Deering is utilizing Kickstarter for funding of these project, with all proceeds going strictly towards the production. You can donate from $1 to $300, and with the higher denominations come greater exclusive content. She is collaborating on this project with artist Alan Quah, and colorist Jorge Maese. In fact some of the cool swag you can get by donating is exclusive artwork by Quah and Maese.


Deering has only been in the comic book world for a short time but has already collaborated on some big projects. She is an editor and letterer for Womanthology, A project we are very excited about.

Anathema is a bold and risky project but one I am excited for and cannot wait to see finished. We wish you all the best Rachel!