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Wednesday Preview: Kaboom’s New Snarked!

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Happy comic book day everyone! As I embark on my weekly ritual of Wednesday fun, I am always looking for something different to pick up. This is part of the fun of comic books: picking something up and waiting to see if it will fly or crash and burn. So, to help with just this sort of thing I have a great preview from Kaboom! for you today.

To start, I have to admit I love Alice in Wonderland. Not just the book or Disney movie, but countless other interpretations of the classic tale. I love the unsolvable riddles, the silly rhymes, and the outrageous characters. Enter Snarked!, drawn and written by Roger Landridge. Landridge is best known for his Thor: The Might Avenger and The Muppet Show Comic. His work on The Muppet Show Comic earned both an Eisner award nomination and a Harvey award win. He has also garnered recognition for his Fred the Clown, and has even worked on the Doctor Who comic.

Landridge’s newest work Snarked!, follows two of the most fun characters in all of Wonderland: the Walrus and the Carpenter. The preview does not give us too much indication of the story, but, from the introduction by the Walrus himself, we know they get involved with two royals. If you know anything about the Walrus and the Carpenter, then you know they are con-artists, and I imagine the chance to con royals will play into their getting involved with the young princess and prince. This, from the looks of it, turns out to be a bad idea as the Walrus hints that we will soon be seeing him and his cohort running from the guards. In addition Wonderland appears to be going through a financial crisis, and don’t I just love an anti-hero.

So, as you are perusing the shelves of your local comic shop this fine comics day, take a look at Snarked! #1 and its prelude released this past August, Snarked! #0. If nothing else, it should be great fun.

















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