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Webcomics Wednesdays: This is War!

Comic Booked Guest Writer 01/30/2013 Reviews

Hello, and welcome to Webcomics Wednesday! This week, our webcomics heroes are going to war. That’s right. War. Historical, sci-fi, fantasy and wars that aren’t even wars at all. And we’re going to take our part.

For those of you new to Webcomics Wednesday, it’s a weekly tradition at Comic Booked where we showcase five webcomics centered around a certain theme. They are chosen and presented in no particular order based on art, story and appeal. This week, we’re tossing caution to the wind and going to war!


The SpecialistsComic: The Specialists

Creators: Al Fukalek and Shawn Gustafson

In our words: Monsters, superheroes, the power of the atom, and World War II. This terrifically designed webcomic is eye-catching from the start, and as the details unravel it only gets better. What secrets are the Nazis and the Allies withholding from everyone? Will the quest to make the ultimate soldier make only a monster in the end? Also worth mentioning is the Kickstarter fundraiser going over the next two weeks. If you like the comic and want a hard copy, here’s your chance to show your support!



Holiday WarsComic: Holiday Wars

Creator: Scott King

In his own words: Holidays reflect the current culture of a society and like a shifting tide they change. Realizing this, The Easter Bunny declared war on the other Holidays in the hopes of gaining the one thing that can guarantee his immortality: The Holiday Spirit. Foreseeing The Bunny’s betrayal, Santa hid The Holiday Spirit and marked Tegan Cassidy, a human infant, granting her the ability to find it. After sixteen years of war, nearly all the Holidays have been killed or have joined The Bunny. Led by Earth Day, the rag tag group of observances still fighting, turn to a now teenage Tegan in the hopes that she can lead them to The Holiday Spirit.

In our words: Holiday Wars is quirky, exciting, and unlike anything else in terms of holidays and war. One lone human girl leads a team of holidays against the Easter Bunny and his minions to keep them away from the holiday spirit. Be warned that Santa does die in this comic, but the absurdity of the situation outweighs any horror that might also be present. Holiday Wars also has a kickstarter project in progress, though part of the story is already available for purchase from Amazon.


Dovecote CrestComic: The Battle of Dovecoat Crest

Creators: Hailey Bachrach and Bridget Underwood

In their own words: In 1862, a small and overlooked battle was fought at Dovecote Crest in Arkansas. Today, a small and overlooked company of Civil War reenactors fights the good fight once more. Charlie Grant, alongside her friends Tess and Ben, finds herself temporarily employed at Dovecote Crest as a Union soldier – a position she finds frustrating in the face of her desire to be a “real historian.” But even as she finds herself being offered a museum job, Jeremy Lee, the director of the reenactment, begins to show her a very different way of seeing and understanding history, the Civil War, and perhaps their own relationship…

In our words: It’s not a war. Not a real war, at least. But it used to be. This long-standing webcomic follows the life of a Civil War re-enactor who wants to be a real historian. As she tries to reconcile her life with her dream, history blends with modern life in a way that makes for a terrific read.


Battle CreekComic: Battle Creek, NE

Creators: Mike Steele and Julia Philip

In their own words: Battle Creek, NE is a weekly updated long form web-comic from the mind of Mike Steele and the hands of Julia Philip. It follows the adventures of a less than talented no-name pop punk band from the back woods town of Battle Creek, Nebraska as they haphazardly find themselves invited to represent Earth in the galaxies largest Battle of the Bands.

In our words: It is the battle of the bands like you’ve never seen it before. The Heroes of Battle Creek are thought by the rest of the universe to be actual heroes in addition to musicians. They are abducted for the sake of playing for one of biggest concerts… in the universe. With an android for a bass player and no serious talent of their own, the one thing that is certain is that this is going to be awesome!


war of windsComic: The War of Winds

Creator: Karen KEZ Howard

In her own words: The War of Winds is an epic fantasy/sci-fi story that spans in total, about 3000 years. The current story featured by this site details the end of the war between the Four Winds, hence the title.

In our words: This is a webcomic that takes full advantage of the digital medium. At the same time, it carries with it the complexity and build of a written novel, making for a rich experience over all. Not to mention that it covers the history of a universe, with thousands of years being covered and many side stories in addition to the great war, the war of the winds.

Our journey through wars has been victorious, and I encourage you to enjoy your share of the spoils of webcomics. Please come back next Wednesday for another delightful showcase! In the meantime, tell us if we missed anything in this week’s selection. Was there anything that we missed? Let us know! We love getting feedback and suggestions for future material! Also feel free to share this page with anyone you know who’d love it. It’s always fun for people to find a new favorite!

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  1. jeffhillwriter 01/30/2013 at 10:54 pm

    I feel like I should read Battle Creek, NE just because I live in Nebraska. Surprised I haven't heard of it before your review. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Scorp_Moonopoly 01/31/2013 at 1:14 am

    What a deadly topic!

  3. warofwinds 02/09/2013 at 8:50 pm

    Hey cool, dudes! Thanks for the tWoW feature! <3

  4. KARL 03/04/2013 at 6:52 am

    The beauty of webcomics, I've found, is the ability to set out your dream projects, your ideas, your humour or your vision and not have some editor somewhere saying…'OOO can't do or say that, you might upset Mrs Wetheringtons first cousin's second half brother's mother-in-laws poodle'

    Keep up this feature, I love it

  5. KARL 03/04/2013 at 7:05 am

    The beauty of webcomics, I've found, is the ability to set out your dream projects, your ideas, your humour or your vision and not have some editor somewhere saying…'OOO can't do or say that, you might upset Mrs Wetheringtons first cousin's second half brother's mother-in-laws poodle'

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