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Webcomics Wednesday – Whistle While You Quirk

Comic Booked Guest Writer 04/04/2012 Reviews

Thanks for checking out another installment of Webcomics Wednesday! This time we’re taking a look at quirky webcomics.

Quirkiness is probably best understood as the peculiar, be it manifested in personality, action, or themes. Quirkiness can also be defined as the weird things, on a scale from “slightly bizarre” to “what the what,” that provide appeal to media consumers. Given the amount of success that Zooey Deschanel has had in her professional life, I think I can say for certain that there is more than just a niche appeal to things that are quirky.

Many webcomics artists have taken this lesson to heart and have produced a myriad amount of stories that definitely attend to the different facets of quirk appeal. With this week’s selection of a high school drama with a devilish twist, a somewhat Alice in Wonderland like drop into a fantastical world, or the well-hefted blunt instrument of a freaking ninja dinosaur of hilarity, I will again say that with great authority, that quirkiness has a place in webcomics.

If you’re new to this, here’s the scoop: Each Wednesday we will showcase five indie web comics. This will give you an opportunity to support indie artists and the amazing work they do.

Without further ado, this week’s selection! Each one is highlighted here (in no particular order) on the merits of its ART, STORY and APPEAL.


Evil DivaComic: Evil Diva
Story: Peter Menotti and Joe Cashman
Cassandra Wedeking and inked by Severin Piehl
In their own words: Diva Beelze is an average fifteen-year old girl. She likes the color pink, her first purse, and Justin Bieber. She loves cute dresses. She may not be the smartest cookie, but she certainly is the sweetest. There’s only one problem with that.

Diva is a devil.
In our words: Take a story of the typical high school show, where the misfit protagonist has a hard time fitting in, and you have the script of a few successful shows and unsuccessful knockoffs where 30 year olds play teenagers and laugh tracks are used to varying degrees of success. Replace the cast with naught but demons and angels being taught to conform to their place in life as the backdrop, throw in a bit of adventure, and even more magic than you’d expect from a story involving such divine and unholy beings, and you just might have Evil Diva.


Tiny Kitten TeethComic: Tiny Kitten Teeth 
Story:  Frank Gibson
Art: Becky Dreistadt
In their own words: Tiny Kitten Teeth is a hand painted online comic that currently updates a couple times a week (sorry!)
The comic follows the slice-of-life adventures of Mewsli, a fish out of water in Owltown, a compact metropolis built around a particularly affluent arts college.
In our words: While the story of a fish out of water in a new setting definitely has its quirks, I really want to focus on the artwork of Tiny Kitten Teeth. A truly impressive hand painted body of work, Becky Dreistadt’s consistent artwork is impressive, with a variety of vivid colors and tones used to great effect throughout the strip. I recommend you take a look!


KukuburiComic: Kukuburi 
Story and Art: Ramón Pérez
In their own words: Nadia’s daily routine as a delivery girl in the bustling Big City is disrupted one day when she passes through what seems like an ordinary white picket gate and into another world. As Nadia stumbles through this newfound land, and tries to find her place within it, she encounters its strange denizens and discovers all is not beautiful as it appears to be…
In our words: An intensely varied cast in size, shape, and species. A dramatically shocking world that defies physics. I wonder what it is that Ramón Pérez is smok… that is, what inspires him to create such an amazing world that is populated with such great stuff.


Ghost Bucket

Comic: Ghost Bucket
Story and Art: Joe Hunter
In their own words: My name is Joe.

I make comics, draw other things, and have a beard. Also I am a cold-blooded reptile in a human costume.
In our words: Unfortunately I have not yet seen the cold blooded reptile part of the webcomic if there is some, but there’s no denying that Ghost Bucket often meanders into weird territory. While primarily focused on the day to day of an artist, Ghost Bucket gleefully wanders into goofy territory with the usual gaming references, occult matters, pop culture parody, and just outright silliness for its own sake.


NinjasaurComic: Ninjasaur
Story and Art: Jason Horn
In their own words: Ninjasaur is about a dinosaur who is also a ninja (not the other way around).
In our words: OK people, why the heck did no one tell me about Ninjasaur when I did a piece on ninja a few weeks back? This webcomic kicks so much tail, quite literally with a dinosaur who IS A NINJA. Wise cracking humor, great art, more humor, dinosaurs, historical jokes, great rivals and villains. Ninjasaur is absolutely great right from the starting gate, and will continue to please if you’re into this sort of thing.

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