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Webcomics Wednesday – Goblins Webcomic In Depth Review

Comic Booked Guest Writer 04/25/2012 Reviews

A number of weeks ago, Goblins was covered in our five mini review format, which was good because it deserved to be highlighted, but bad because such a small blurb does not adequately describe the greatness that Tarol Hunt, aka Thunt, has made into webcomic form. What starts out as an already funny “let’s poke fun at the rather hilarious foibles of the D&D ruleset and tropes” kind of webcomic quickly shapes up with a number of “oh crap that just happened” moments, turning what starts out as pure humor into an honest to goodness riveting adventure.

Yeah, oh crap is right.

That’s not to say that the humor cuts out or flags in anyway, it just takes a more of a strong complimentary role rather than the focus.

This combination of adventure, unique story and humor has worked well, and appeal of Goblins has proven itself through the years, always ranking high in the rankings of TopWebComics. In bigger and more recent news, we were remiss in not reporting on Goblins ranking an impressive close second in Comicmix’s Mix March Madness 2012 Finals in Webcomics. So, posthaste, here is the ComicBooked In Depth Review of Goblins.

Assembled and ready to rock.Through the art of Goblins, Thunt manages to take the much maligned goblin and make them into odd but very viable protagonists. If a bit amorphous at times in their outlining (by design) you know stuff is about to get real when the goblin “heros” seem to take a “badass pill” and look extremely reminiscent of old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The cast of Goblins is varied and balanced. With an ever shifting group of people that can be nominally good guys and bad guys with ever shifting shades of gray is comprised of commoners, monsters, adventurers and everyone in between. The main heroes level up not only in the typical D & D sense but also through strong character development evoked through revelations, tear jerking moments and occasional text heavy strips.

The odds aren't good for someone.

As for the plot, it is rich, deep, and pretty difficult to describe without spoilers, so I will try to speak in generalities. Rules are broken and rewrite what is commonly understood. Characters play to type and suddenly develop into something more. Nothing is sacred. Beauty is found in the most unlikely of places. Never count anyone out. I think that covers things fairly well. And there are a lot of awesome fight scenes, through which Thunt really shows everyone how it is done.

Through and through, Goblins is a marvel in the webcomics space, and having continued its run from its inception in 2005 and continuing to the present, I think I speak for many readers when I say that I truly hope that Thunt continues to grace us with his work.

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