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Webcomics Wednesday – Fantasy Adventure

Tatiana Christian 01/02/2013 ZDONOTUSE

[quote]”Adventure is worthwhile in itself.” – Amelia Earhart[/quote]

Each week here at ComicBooked, we showcase five different webcomics according to a specific theme; this one being Adventure. This roundup is a wonderful way to find new indie creators and support their work.


RPG - Stacie Ponder

RPG – Stacie Ponder

Comic: RPG

Story and Art: Stacie Ponder

In Their Own Words: RPG is a comedic high-fantasy webcomic that pays tribute to the conventions found in well-loved roleplaying games from yesterday and today. The comic follows Alyth, a farm girl who finds herself cast in the unlikely role of world-saving hero when her village is destroyed. She journeys all across the land of Hyberia and battles fearsome monsters, loots every dead body she can, acquires party companions, visits taverns, levels up, and completes quests both large and small as she attempts to foil the forces of evil.”

In Our Words: One of the things that really stood out to me about RPG was the art – stick figures! Normally, it feels like art is such an integral idea to webcomics, but looking at a series that doesn’t have an elaborate art style is refreshing and inspiring. The characters are sarcastic (and wonderful), there’s a talking cat, and the story has the ability to really draw you in.



Guild Adventure

Guild Adventure

Comic: Guild Adventure

Story and Art: Alejandro Ricondo (KuKuruYo) & Alex de la Fuente (Shugo)

In Their Own Words: “In this world lives Rago, an inexperienced young who have the determination to become the greatest hunter of all. With the help of the twins Reika and Leika he will start his particular adventure to reach the top, but this will be no easy task!”

In Our Words: Starting off in color, this comic quickly becomes black and white featuring the increasingly popular manga-style art work. Guild Adventure draws a lot of influence from contemporary manga and anime titles: character names, their costumes, ecchi, and the many comical faces that anime characters tend to make show up in Guild Adventure. So, if you’re interested in Japanese feudal era fantasy anime/manga, then this webcomic would be for you.




Dark Places

Dark Places

Comic: Dark Places 

Story and Art: Steve Dismukes

In Their Own Words: Dark Places is about those who go beyond the flickering circle of firelight, who leave behind the comfort and security of the familiar – such as it is – to explore hidden ruins in search of forgotten riches, to slay monsters or to uncover the secret lore from the dust of fallen empires.”

In Our Words: The artwork seems suited to the story’s overall theme: black and white, lots of shadows, even the hard lines of the characters’ faces match wonderfully. There are also chapters, each featuring different shorter stories – which are really interesting and make for a good read.








Comic: Aeria

Story and Art: Fabian Rastorfer (Fabrazz) & Songwut Ouppakarndee (Arseniquez)

Art: Kridsana Rattananen (Un4)

In Their Own Words: “A tale of adventure, excitement and danger. Well, most of the time at least. But ever so often Fabraz, our chaotic protagonist, finds himself in rather silly situations.”

In Our Words: Similar to Guild Adventure, Aeria has a very distinct manga style – so much so that you’re required to read the comic from the right to the left (versus the more Western left to right). The lettering looks to be computerized which is a bit off-putting, and its comedic attempts are more over the top than actually funny. In general, this title is rather reminiscent of One Piece. 




Comic: Key

Art and Story: Flora Li

In Their Own Words: “Ex-knight Jerlorn has a “condition” that got him exiled from Feynia to the human realm for a year. On the day of his supposed return, the Ferynian King pulls a no-show, leaving Jerlorn stranded. A more than emo Jerlorn attempts to mope in peace. However, his short-lived angst session comes to a close when a portal to the dark realm of Daemonikha opens!”

In Our Words: Another manga/anime inspired comic, Key is drawn fully colored. With a mixture of talking animals, young girls opening up magical portals and a dubious plot against the main character and his friends, this should make for an interesting read for budding fans!






Hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of Webcomic Wednesdays: Fantasy Adventure! Are there any similar titles that you’re reading? Do you read the ones currently listed here? Please let us know in the comments!

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    Whoah, someone new on webcomics?

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    Heard nothing but good things about RPG. Others sound like fun reads as well.

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