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Webcomics Wednesday: An Independence Day Parade!

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Hello, and welcome back to Webcomics Wednesday! This Wednesday is July 4, Independence Day in the United States. A few days ago was Canada’s Independence Day, and then Bastille Day for France is coming up later this month! With so much patriotic celebration going on, I decided that for this week’s Webcomics Wednesday, an Independence Day parade of webcomics would only be in order. Though France and Canada were harder to come by, I did manage to dig out some sweet webcomics for each of the countries, presented here in no particular order.


Comic: Loyalty & Liberty

Author/Artist: Tamara “Meezer” Gale

In her own words: Loyalty & Liberty is an educational graphic novel about the American War of Independence. Instead of being one set cast, it is a set of rotating short stories all interconnected in some way or another.

In our words: There are a couple things to note about this version of the American War for Independence. First, it was written by a Canadian, thus offering a view separate from the traditional Patriot-or-Loyalist views that are more common. Gale also takes care to keep the story as historically accurate as possible, making it a trustworthy source of history. Secondly, the characters are all portrayed as cats. That’s right, the War for Independence as fought by CATS. That’s all I needed to get me to start reading it, and that’s what makes it awesome instead of interesting. Cats!


Comic: Robot Lincoln

Author/Artist: Tobi

In his own words: Webcomic about Robot Lincoln who is just like real Lincoln but just a robot. It makes more sense if you read it

In our words: If you like imagining famous historical figures in contemporary situations, or if you would like it but have never before thought of it, this is definitely a comic worth checking out. Robot Lincoln is a robot who is identical to Abraham Lincoln and who finds himself in all sorts of odd situations in the modern world.


Comic: Where The Buffalo Roam

Author/Artist: Hans Bjordahl

In his own words: “Where the Buffalo Roam” first appeared in Boulder’s Colorado Daily in 1987, where it chronicled the seamy underside of undergraduate life with such gritty and hilarious accuracy that for years, the primary accolade afforded the author was, “Dude! I love the way you draw barf!” (Fig A.)

As it matured, however, WTBR’s reputation quickly grew. Its unique take on both college and post-collegiate life powered two collections, appeareances in several college papers, a pioneering Internet presence and an independent film based on the strip’s characters and humor (the status of which changes weekly, so stay tuned). All this despite the fact that the strip ceased active production in 1994 (this Web site draws on the strip’s archives for its content).

In Our Words: Although the story ended almost 20 years ago, this comic played an important role in webcomic history in being one of the very first webcomics ever. It is fun and quirky to read, with odd bits of ‘90s nostalgia thrown in.


Comic: Bite Me!

Author/Artist: Dylan Meconis

In our words: What do you get when you cross the French Revolution with vampires? Bite Me is a funky retelling of the French Revolution with angry peasants, lopped off heads, and—you guessed it—vampires. The series is complete with six parts and an epilogue, available online or in print, along with companion stickers, buttons, and prints available at the store.




Comic: New America

Author/Artist: Grace Mulcahy

In her own words: The story of a dysfunctional family, the crumbling nation they’ve come to control, and the tragic events that gave them power.

In Our words: The America referred to here is neither the U.S.A. or Canada, but I still figured that it deserved a place in this selection. New America is a sci-fi story that recounts the adventures of a human colony on an alien planet. It is encased in a frame story that takes place even further in the future and is filled with political, religious, and familial tension.


Is there anything more I should know about? We’re constantly trying to keep our lists up to date, and if you have any suggestions for future articles, please comment and let us know!

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