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Webcomics Wednesday: Behold The Empire!

Comic Booked Guest Writer 02/20/2013 Reviews

Hello, and welcome to Webcomics Wednesday! Anyone with an interest in history, science fiction or fantasy is familiar with the idea of a powerful—and often mindlessly evil—empire. Empires have sprung up and collapsed many times in the real world, and many more times in the realm of imagination. This week we’re going to look at some of the lesser known empires in the universe of webcomics.

For those of you new to Webcomics Wednesday, it’s a weekly tradition at Comic Booked where we showcase five webcomics with a shared theme. They are chosen and presented in no particular order based on art, story and appeal. Today we’re venturing into several different empires. Enjoy!


cloudscratcherComic: Cloudscratcher

Creator: Cody Baier

In his own words: Cloudscratcher is the story of a group of freedom fighters in their struggles against the Margoth Empire. Squaring off in a world high above the clouds, where people build their civilizations atop craggy mountains and lifeless plateaus, the crew of the Cloudscratcher–a motley crew of various heroes of great skill, all united by lives torn apart by the Empire’s machinations–fight the seemingly endless fight for the future. It won’t be an easy fight, however, as the Margoth Empire boasts superior numbers, advanced technology, and leaders that are as skilled as they are ruthless. And making matters worse, a terrifying new Emperor has taken control, and under his rule, the Empire has grown even stronger, and their goal of complete global domination seems to creep ever-closer…

In our words: For those of us who grew up watching kids’ TV shows and movies in the eighties or nineties, this is a fabulous bit of nostalgia in a charming cartoon format. The characters are charming animals who are banded together, young and old, against the evil snake empire that is out to conquer the whole world. Felix the cat and Ixia the cobra take on the roles of the younger rebels, taking on the most dangerous of villains in this classic adventure story.


Robert Rankin's EmpiresComic: Robert Rankin’s Empires

Creator: Robert Rankin

In his own words: A girl adventurer, a monkey butler, alien invaders and the darkest magic on Earth. The year is 1895 and the world is coming to an end.

In our words: This webcomic is insane. Queen Victoria, evil Martians, and advanced germ warfare all make their way into the first few pages of Robert Rankin’s Empires, and if you’re not already hooked on the idea, there’s nothing we can do to help. The story is unique, the world is both familiar and new, and the plot is one that you honestly can’t see coming.




Empire SongComic: Empire Song

Author: Ben Riley

In our words: The art was what really struck me about Empire Song—bold, black and white, bringing the whole story to a new level of interest. The plot is largely political, with an attractive Asian twist against a modern setting. Plus, it’s updated three times a week, great for those of you who get impatient with weekly webcomics.






Northern EmpiresComic: Northern Empires

Creator: Derek Bacon

In his own words: Northern Empires is a webcomic by Derek Bacon. It’s about a Cat Wizard and his young Ward, and the tomfoolery they get up to.

In our words: Northern Empires is both amusing and original. It first presents itself in strip form, each update bringing up some new joke or moment including the wizard or his young assistant. Later it switches from comic to illustrated story form—a fun twist with the same loveable characters. Though it’s a new comic, Northern Empires has a surprising amount of material and is well worth the read to get caught up on the basic feel of the story.


Ramen EmpireComic: Ramen Empire

Creator: Zach Stoppel and Bartholomew Klick

In our words: Whether you’re in college, have been in college, or have never been to college but just like a fun webcomic, Ramen Empire will resonate with you. Dorm life, classes, and other awesome things make this a very fun and relatable comic. Though the site is currently under construction, the comic itself is still updated often and is a delight to read.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s selection of webcomics, and please come back next Wednesday for another delightful showcase! Surely empires are always a delight to join or fight. Also, we love getting feedback and suggestions for future material. Feel free to tell us of any awesome online comic empires you think should get more attention or any possible themes you’d want to see in future Webcomics Wednesdays! We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Scorp_Moonopoly 02/20/2013 at 9:21 pm

    I find I've been willing to read a lot more black and white lately.

  2. jeffhillwriter 02/26/2013 at 1:42 am

    Ah, Ramen Empire. To be in college again… Sigh…

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