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Web Comics Wednesday! – Comic Book Commentary

Michael Wirth 11/16/2011 ZDONOTUSE

On any day that ends in “y”, the comic book industry can pretty much guarantee that fans will get up in arms about some change or other to some classic character/book/storyline. But it takes real creativity to turn that fan reaction into something productive and use it to entertain readers. Today we will look at five webcomics that concentrate on the downside of the comic book industry, finding the silver lining on every dark cloud.

If you’re new to this, here’s the scoop: Each Wednesday we will showcase five indie web comics. Each will be categorized and will be judged by ART, STORY and APPEAL. This will give you an opportunity to support indie artists and the amazing work they do.

This weeks comics will explore Comic Book Commentary. Without further ado, let’s GO!:


By Ryan SohmerComic: Gutters
Ryan Sohmer
About: In brief, Gutters is a series of standalone pages that parody the comic book industry and the heroes and characters that dwell within. Think of it as an editorial cartoon targeting comic books, and you’ll understand where we’re going with it. Gutters is written by Ryan Sohmer, with Lar deSouza as Art Director and Ed Ryzowski serving as colorist. As for who will be doing the actual art, well, that’s where things get interesting (and slightly different). Rather than have one artist pencil each page, we elected to have a rotating roster of professional artists, among them some giants in the comic book industry alongside new and emerging talent.

Or it might be about something else entirely.


By Sean Whitmore and Brandon Hanvey Comic: Comic Critics
Sean Whitmore
Brandon Hanvey
One of the founders of, Josh is a diehard super hero fan clinging to the fading vestiges of that once mighty genre. He’s 23, and was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communications but gave up after a few years of college. Just to complete the sad cliché that is his life, Josh works in a small neighborhood comic shop.


By Kevin Freeman and Stan YanComic: SubCulture
Kevin Freeman
Stan Yan
About: The story of every different aspect of nerd culture, SubCulture offers something for everyone. From comic books, to video games, to LARPing, SubCulture is, by all technicalities, a linear type story, but their storylines are as much of a commentary on the industries as any of our other choices today. Well written, well illustrated, and well presented, SubCulture is a gem in the webcomic world.


By Curt Franklin and Chris HaleyComic: Let’s Be Friends Again
Curt Franklin
Chris Haley
About: Nothing comics related is safe from Let’s Be Friends Again. From the tender relationship between The Walking Dead‘s Rick and Lori to Batman having to learn his lesson about his yellow logo placement, LBFA is unafraid to lambaste even the most cherished of comic book conventions. Highly offensive yet also highly humorous, Let’s Be Friends Again is sure to keep you chuckling at the things you loved from your childhood.


Story & Art: MRTIM
About: Our Valued Customers depicts REAL things said to (or at least in the vicinity of) a true comic book store employee by customers of that very shop. These are real people. This is what they look like and this is something that they actually said.


Want to share your favorite indie web or print comic? Feel free to comment below! I would love to add them to my list. Also feel free to visit my Facebook Wall to chat with these and other Indie comic creators.

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Hailing from the armpit of America, New Jersey, Michael has been collecting comic books since the age of 10. Now, he deigns to keep his finger on the pulse of pop-culture, keeping up with every passing fad or iconic innovation, never losing sight of his comic book roots.

  1. Chris Howard 11/16/2011 at 2:22 pm

    You really needed to have on that list. Greg has been poking fun at comics and superheroes for over 20 years.

    • Michael Wirth 11/17/2011 at 11:25 am

      You're right. Lethargic Lad is pretty good. That didn't come up at all when I was looking for comics for this week's theme. I'll have to file that for future reference though and through Greg some support in the future. Thanks!

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